To the Editor:

Willamette Falls Heritage Foundation is preparing to establish a physical office and set part-time office hours. The West Linn non-profit is looking for a supporter who is willing to make a small office space and associated utilities available for six to 12 months as a tax-deductible charitable contribution.

The foundation needs between 150 and 300 square feet of space to accommodate a work/visitor area and some secure storage while the organization continues through its 'start-up' phase and deepens its fund-raising. Anyone with ideas or leads on such a space, may contact the foundation at 503-650-9570.

Sandy Carter

executive director, Willamette Falls Heritage Foundation

Thanks to everyone who participated

To the Editor:

On June 21, Clackamas County conducted a public health exercise to practice distribution of medication to a large number of our citizens, should we be faced with a major public health emergency.

We would like to thank the community, the media, local jurisdictions, county staff and others who helped us with our exercise. A special thanks goes to Clackamas Community College, which hosted the event.

It is important for every citizen to plan for emergencies and understand what they can do before, during and after an event to safeguard themselves and their families. Nearly 400 people went through the exercise and it was a great opportunity for us to practice our response and for citizens to understand how the process works and what to expect.

We are blessed in this region with having a great working relationship among local and state governments. We work together collaboratively to plan for and respond to all emergencies, to the benefit of the citizens that live and work in our region.

Again, thanks to all of you who helped conduct the exercise and to those who attended.

Dana Robinson

Director, Clackamas County

Homeland Security

Gary DiCenzo

Director, Clackamas County

Department of Human Services

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