Just after the sun sets, the movies will begin in Multnomah Village this summer. For four evenings in July and August, the Multnomah Neighborhood Association and Southwest Neighborhoods will bring family friendly movies to the basketball courts at the Multnomah Arts Center, 7688 S.W. Capitol Hwy.

Early this spring, the neighborhood association begin kicking around ideas for an outdoor movie to bring neighbors together.

'I think the MOC is like all of the ideas we've been coming up with lately: It's a chance for people to come out from behind their computers and out of their homes and engage with their neighbors,' said Brian Russell, chair of the neighborhood association. 'It's always interesting who you meet at these community events - someone who works in the same industry, someone with a similar hobby, someone with kids the same age as your own - and they live two doors down from you.'

Organizer Jessica Wade experienced outdoor theater in Colorado before moving to Multnomah.

'Outdoor cinemas are a really strong community experience,' she said. 'When I lived in Boulder, people came out from all walks of life to view the films. It's a good opportunity to meet your neighbors, be entertained for a few hours and to relish being outdoors under the stars.'

The movies will be free, but concessions will be available and donations will be accepted. There are no seats on the basketball court, so neighbors are encouraged to bring blankets, pillows or low- lying camping chairs.

Gates will open at 8:15 p.m. so neighbors can socialize before the movies, which will start around 9 p.m. The showtimes may fluctuate depending on the sunset as darkness is needed for optimum viewing.

Because of licensing issues, the group can't announce the movie titles publicly but ensures that they will be appropriate for all ages and have an MPAA rating of PG-13 or below.

If successful, Russell said he could see the movies continuing throughout the year.

'We haven't set any attendance goals or money levels, but would like to see it break even and have a large enough draw that when the fall and winter come, we could possibly move the event indoors and continue it later in the year,' he said.

Above all, the movies will be a good time to socialize with neighbors.

'It's just another opportunity for people in Multnomah and all over Southwest to come together,' Wade said.

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