Darwin Barney's Murrayhill neighbors help his family celebrate NCAA baseball victory

Signs of Beaver fever are on the rise in Murrayhill.

From a new 'Southwest Darwin Barney Drive' street sign to a large banner congratulating the National Champion Oregon State University Beaver baseball team, Murrayhill neighbors want hometown players, Darwin Barney and Rob Summers, to know that they are proud of them.

The Barney family returned to their Southwest Night Hawk Drive home last week to a flurry of fanfare.

One neighbor proudly displayed a homemade poster with orange balloons on the garage, another piled a stack of newspapers and clippings at the entryway to the Barneys' home while others sent cards, flowers and a bouquet of cookies to the family.

'The support has been amazing,' said Deedee Barney, Darwin's mom. 'It surprises me.

'I didn't realize college baseball was so big until the World Series.'

Summer in Omaha

Deedee and her husband Dave along with their kids Davey, Deanna, Darilyn, Doug and Doug's wife Aja traveled to Omaha to cheer on Darwin and the Beavers as they fought for their first NCAA baseball title at Johnny Rosenblatt Stadium.

Darwin, a 2004 Southridge High School graduate, is a sophomore shortstop on the Oregon State team that won the College Baseball World Series.

'We're all so proud of Darwin and all the guys on his team,' Deedee said. 'They are really a great team.'

Darilyn, Darwin's youngest sister, agreed.

'I'm so happy that people here recognize it,' Darilyn said. 'Feeling the support of the community is incredible.

'We're all so excited for Darwin.'

The family in the past week has received letters of congratulations and newspaper clippings from Utah, Arizona, Hawaii, Washington and Nebraska.

They've also been overwhelmed by their neighbors' creative, public displays of support.

'We're very appreciative and totally amazed,' Deedee said.

Amazing athlete

While the family cheered from the stands, neighbors took time away from their busy schedules to keep tabs on Darwin in the series.

'It's always fun to see Darwin play,' said Blair Jones, a long-time Murrayhill neighbor. 'It's great that he was part of the win. The Barney family has really poured its heart and soul into baseball over the years. We're thrilled for them.'

'It was easy to see Darwin's potential way back when,' said Deby Jones, Blair's wife. 'His star was shining really bright when he was just a little guy.'

People in the neighborhood were following the series with a great deal of interest, they added.

'Everything else was kind of put on hold,' Blair Jones said. 'The whole neighborhood completely rallied behind Darwin's team.'

Kelly Maginnis, another Murrayhill neighbor, was one of several Beaverton Red Sox parents that tuned in to listen to the game on the radio.

'I was at my son Kyle's baseball game and the whole team was listening,' she admitted.

'We're really proud of Darwin,' Maginnis added. 'We're not surprised that he's done so well because he's always been an amazing athlete.

'Watching him grow up, we always thought he would do great things.'

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