Local Musician: Leigh Marble
by: Courtesy of Leigh Marble, Leigh Marble’s song-tales are a healthy mix of tragedy and twang.

Don't listen to Leigh Marble if you're not going to pay attention. While plenty of folks make perfectly pleasant background music, Marble's songwriting has a wit and intelligence that deserve more than a cursory listen - there's a bite behind the bark of his voice and the strum of his guitar.

The characters that populate or inspire his CD 'Peep' are the types your mother warned you about: bittersweet losers with an appetite for self-destruction and just enough self-awareness to make the unhappy ending that much more poignant.

Marble lets them roam through all kinds of sonic territory - veering between the idiosyncratic vibe of Tom Waits, the twangy pop of Rhett Miller and gentle downtrodden lullabies as he sees fit.

Marble's sharp eye and unvarnished vocals give his stories and their protagonists both a grittiness and fragility. It's not an easy balance to achieve, but Marble's not your everyday storyteller. 'Peep' is the kind of record that begs for repeat listens, and reveals new twists and turns each time.

- Barbara Mitchell

9 p.m. FRIDAY, July 7, Towne Lounge, 714 S.W. 20th Place, 503-241-8696, $5

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