Transient arrested after Friday afternoon tire-slashing spree in store parking lot

A sort-of jilted man whose misguided affections were not returned by a grocery story clerk was arrested Friday afternoon after he allegedly slashed more than four dozen tires on cars in the Peterkort area.

Thadeus Slamp, 35, a semi-regular customer of the Albertsons grocery store on Barnes Road near Southwest Cedar Hills Boulevard, was taken into custody at about 3 p.m., after he was surrounded by angry people who witnessed his slashing spree.

Slamp, a transient, was lodged in the Washington County Jail on charges of stalking, disorderly conduct, harassment and felony criminal mischief.

The whole thing started when Slamp, who hung out around the grocery store, took a liking to one of its female clerks and started bringing her love letters.

The clerk didn't feel the same way about Slamp. When she saw him at about 3 p.m. Friday, she told her manager, who warned Slamp that he was no longer welcome in the store.

That didn't sit well with Slamp, who cursed at the manager and took a swing at him and an assistant manager who had approached to offer support.

Slamp, apparently still angry at being kicked out of the store, brandished a hunting knife and walked through the store's parking lot, slashing tires on some 56 cars. Some cars had only one tire slashed others had two or three tires damaged.

Slamp was surrounded by angry people whose tires had been damaged and waited for Beaverton police to arrive. Many of the victims 'encouraged' Slamp to stay put by wielding golf clubs and, in one case, a baseball bat.

No one was injured and Slamp was taken into custody without incident.

Albertsons provided free food and beverages for the victims who were forced to stay around for tire repairs. Les Schwab employees from the store at Southwest 158th and Walker Road changed tires at no charge. One police officer even bought tires for a victim who was financially down on her luck.

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