Willamette Cove residents are once again on hold - at least those who have not already moved out of the manufactured home park.

Tenants, who rent the land their manufactured homes are on, were given eviction notices last December, with one year notice.

One mediation session to decide the landowner's financial responsibility in tenant moving costs was held in the past two weeks, and another is set for today, Thursday, July 13.

But no resolution is yet in sight, although Cove point-person Mary Ann Wersch said she is hopeful the group will achieve agreement. But she wouldn't speak about progress.

'We're not allowed to talk about the details,' she said, 'because we're bound by confidentiality.'

Action on the proposed city ordinance that would require landowner Jerry Jennings to pay part of tenants' moving costs or buy their homes was postponed at Monday night's city council meeting to give Cove residents and Jennings time to talk.

'We're trying to hold their feet to the fire,' said Council President Scott Burgess, 'but we're hopeful something can be worked out.'

Meanwhile, Jennings continues to threaten litigation if the city approves the ordinance.

'I asked for mediation with the tenants, and I'm paying for it,' he said. 'I'm trying to resolve some issues.'

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