Five racers win their second straight main event Saturday
by: John Brewington TIGHT PACK—Racers in the second heat of the Mini Stock (4-cyclinder) Division were close from start to finish. Joel Beehler (third above) would emerge as the winner as four cars cross the finish line in a near dead heat. Beehler would go on to win the main event.

Several racers won their second consecutive main event at River City Speedway on Saturday night.

Justin Russell of St. Helens captured a main event first in the Sportsman Division, moving in front on lap six in his Chevrolet Monte Carlo and holding the position through a curfew-shortened race.

Other repeat main event winners included Justin McMullen, of Deer Island, in the Street Stock Division, Kathy McMullen, of Deer Island, in the Women's Division, Doug Davenport, of Vernonia, in the Modified Division, and Dave Walters, of Gresham, in the Pacific Mini Sprints.

As usual, the popular Mini Stock (4-cyclinder) Division was dominated by the Beehlers, of St. Helens. Adam Beehler came from back in the pack to win his heat, while nephew Joel bided his time in the middle and came out in front of a four-car finish to win his heat. Joel took over on lap three of the main and held off John Oyler (fast time of the day) and Adam to win the event.

Russell was happy with the Sportsman win but not as pleased with the shortened race.

He said, 'We've had some bad luck much of the season with some broken parts that have caused problems with the car, so it was a relief to finally have a little bit of good luck tonight. It's frustrating having a short race, which seems to happen nearly every week and it just doesn't seem fair for the Sportsman Division to have the final race of the night.'

Marc Hill, of Scappoose, led the first three laps of the Modified main before Jeremy Martin, of St. Helens, passed him on the inside of the front straightaway on lap four. Martin, 2007 series champ, appeared to be on his way to victory lane for the second time this season. A yellow caution flag came out on lap 20 when Hill's car stalled on the back straightaway. Martin's lead all but diminished as the 13-car field was close together for a bumper-to-bumper single-file restart on lap 21. Rainier's Sean Fox was right behind Martin and Davenport in third.

Martin and Davenport, the top two points leaders, battled head-to-head and side-by-side for the final three laps. Davenport got the inside lane and the lead on the final lap and held off Martin for the win.

'I had a chance to get the win, but Doug was able to get ahead of me and his car was a little faster today,' said Martin. 'I really enjoy racing with Doug and it's been like this all year long and we put on a good show for the fans tonight.'

'People come out here to see good racing with lots of passing and they don't want to watch the leader races where the guy starting up front wins,' said Davenport. 'It was an exciting race, which is what fans want to see. The track conditions were the best of the season, with two grooves for drivers to race on so you could pass without bumping into each other.'

'It's great to win whenever you come from behind and that's what made it such a fun race,' said Justin McMullen, a former two-time Mini Stock Division champion (2008, 2009). 'The car was running good and there wasn't any damage on it either, so that' pretty nice too. It would be nice to win a championship in another division. If I have a few more good finishes like this, then I might be able to accomplish my goal. My mom (Kathy) and I both won main events on the same day, so it doesn't get any better than that.'

Kathy McMullen started last in the six car women's race and moved into the lead on lap five. The defending champion led the remainder of the 20-lap race to notch her second main event win and fifth of her three-year career in the series.

In the Mini Stock Division after a caution on lap 34, Joel Beehler held on in his Subaru for a one car length advantage over Oyler as the race concluded with consecutive green, white and checkered flags. Adam Beehler was third, followed by Travis Tolman, of St. Helens, and Charlie Ingram, of Portland.

'It was exciting to win the main, especially after I won the heat and the dash too,' said Joel Beehler, a 2011 St. Helens High grad, who is currently ranked second behind Adam in the division. 'I moved a little closer to Uncle Adam in the point standings, so we'll see what happens. I finished second in the division the last two years, so it would be nice to win a championship, but I don't know if that's going to happen.'

In other events, Dave Walters was a three-time winner as he captured the dash, heat and main event of the Pacific Mini Sprint Series. Portland's Clay Goben was a two-time winner as he captured the Dwarf Car main and heat race. Cody Smith, of Scappoose, was a three-time Tracer Division winner as he won the dash, heat and main with his Camaro. The CCRA's fifth event of the season is the Miller Paints Race on Aug. 6.

River City Speedway

July 23 Results

Sportsman Division

Fast Time: Clyde White, Longview, 15.30. Trophy Dash: Aaron Elwess, Portland. Heat 1: Clark Tenney, Scappoose; Curt Nusom, Gresham; Bud Russell, St. Helens. Heat 2: White; Dan Fox, Warren; Brad Beehler, St. Helens. Heat 3: Dan Smith, Scappoose; Eric Lindquist, Milwaukie; Elwess. Main: Russell; Smith; Tenney; White; Fox; Matt Taylor, St. Helens; Lindquist; Jesse Allen, Portland; Elwess; Bob Berg, St. Helens.

Street Stock Division

Fast Time: Justin McMullen, Deer Island, 15.75. Trophy Dash: Curt Nusom. Heat 1: Curt Nusom; Clark Tenney; Brad Martin, St. Helens. Heat 2: John Nusom, Gresham; Derik Beehler, St. Helens; Dave Crawford, Portland. Heat 3: Curtis Zelmer, Portland; R.T. Cutler, Portland; Rick Rehanek, Vancouver. Main: McMullen; John Nusom; John Haagenson, St. Helens; Mike Crase, Portland; Ken Bryan, Toledo; Zelmer; Martin; Ron Dodge, Vernonia; Tenney; Cutler.

Modified Division

Fast Time: Shawn Dorie, St. Helens, 15.18. Trophy Dash: Mike Harrison, St. Helens. Heat 1: Doug Davenport, Vernonia; Clint Petty, St. Helens; Tenney. Heat 2: Jeremy Martin, St. Helens; Marc Hill, Scappoose; Sean Fox, Rainier. Main: Davenport; Martin; Fox; Dorie; Petty; Sam Jeffers, St. Helens; TJ Richman, Portland; Zelmer; Brian Blasier, Scappoose; Harrison.

Mini Stock Division

Fast Time: John Oyler, Scappoose, 16.31. Trophy Dash: Joel Beehler, St. Helens. Heat 1: Adam Beehler, St. Helens; John Oyler; Joe Wheeler, Longview. Heat 2: Joel Beehler; Tim Oyler, Scappoose; Kyle Frelich, St. Helens. Main: Joel Beehler; John Oyler; Adam Beehler; Travis Tolman, St. Helens; Charlie Ingram, Portland; Frelich; Lisa Oyler, Gresham; Tim Oyler; Jerry Wright, Scappoose; Darrin Rye, Deer Island.

Women's Division

Fast Time: Kathy McMullen, Deer Island 16.12. Trophy Dash: Jenae Frelich, St. Helens. Heat: Frelich; Tiffany Berg, St. Helens; McMullen. Main: McMullen; Frelich; Berg; Morgan Tenney, Scappoose; Julie Camberg, Portland; Victoria West, St. Helens.

Pacific Mini Sprints

Fast Time: Keith Everson, Marysville 13.63. Trophy Dash: Dave Walters, Gresham. Heat: Walters; Dan Beck, Castle Rock; Mike Opoka, Centralia. Main: Walters; Beck; Darren Pierson, Chehalis; Greg Lane, Portland; Opoka; Tracey Titus, Manzanita; Everson; Eric Dehning, Chehalis.

Dwarf Cars

Fast Time: Ryan Martinez, Portland 14.98. Trophy Dash: Brad Martin. Heat 1: Leo Hachler, Portland; Martinez; Jenelle June Harrison, St. Helens. Heat 2: Clay Goben, Portland; Martin; Brian Taylor, St. Helens. Main: Goben; Martinez; Hachler; Martin; Taylor; Shane Jordan, Portland; Mike Hagen, Rainier; Lucas Eaton, St. Helens; Harrison.

Tracers (Youth)

Fast Time: Cody Smith, Scappoose 16.45. Trophy Dash: Smith. Heat: Smith; Baleigh O'Connor, St. Helens; Jonathan West, St. Helens. Main: Smith; O'Connor; West.

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