Girl battling cancer spends the day with the Mariners - and her best friends

Katie Morris got her wish - and so did all of her closest friends.

Morris, battling a rare form of cancer, was recently treated to a trip to Seattle to visit with her beloved Mariners, courtesy of the Make a Wish Foundation. But the wish wasn't just for herself - she brought along her Little League team, and the foundation even arranged for a surprise reunion with her best friend.

The team made the road trip May 24; the wish aired on ESPN July 10.

'They loaded the team onto a tour bus,' Katie's mom Terri Morris explained, 'and we went up and got to hang out with the team before the game. The kids got to run around the bases and watch the team warm up.'

The team went up to watch the game from private suites - but Katie and her family got to stay on the field and meet some of her favorite players, including Ichiro.

'They were just very kind,' Terri Morris said. 'They treated us like we royalty.'

Katie said she invited her teammates along on her wish because 'I was reuniting my team. I wanted to have fun - and what fun is it to do it alone?'

Make a wish

'Make-a-Wish told us it was the largest wish they ever did,' Terri Morris said. 'Rounding up that many 12-year-olds.'

She said the team has always been important to Katie.

'Katie was the only girl on a boys baseball team for years and years,' she said. 'Then she got sick and couldn't play any more.'

When the chance for the Seattle trip came along, including the team was a natural decision for her.

'She said she wanted to go to a Mariners game - but she wanted to take the whole team. She's definitely not a selfish person, she wanted to enjoy it with her friends.'

After all of that, they had one more big surprise for Katie - they flew in her friend Bryce Aberg from Tennessee.

'She was totally shocked - she didn't know they were going to do that,' her mom said, 'and neither did we.'

Katie said it had been two years since the last time she saw him.

Katie didn't go home empty handed. Ichiro gave her his sweatbands, and some of the other players gave her batting gloves.

'They really treated us very special - like she was their special guest,' Terri Morris said. 'They went above and beyond what they needed to do.'

Between the Mariners and her Little League friends, Terri Morris said, 'Katie got to be with her two favorite teams.'

'I got to meet the Mariners, I got to meet Ichiro,' Katie said. 'Thank you to everyone who made my wish come true!'

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