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PRESTIGE HOMEWOOD HEIGHTS - Melody HeuerMaking the decision for you or your loved one to move out of the family home can be incredibly difficult. But sometimes the financial, emotional and even physical burdens of caring for someone can be overwhelming. At a certain point, it may be worth considering if it's time for you or a loved one to move to an assisted living facility. Here are a few signs to look for:

Recent accidents—Has your loved one recently been injured in a fall? Have they had a medical emergency that required lots of care? How long did it take for someone to respond? As your loved one ages, the odds of another accident occurring are higher.

Difficulty with daily living activities—Is your loved one preparing meals for themselves, and are they eating them? Or is food going bad in the refrigerator? Are they doing laundry or wearing dirty clothes every day? Is the bathroom dirty? Are they taking the correct medications, and on time? Have you noticed a recent significant weight gain or weight loss?

Caregiver stress—Are you or the primary caregiver suffering from exhaustion, or is your own mental and physical health deteriorating? Are your spouse and children beginning to suffer?

The decision to move to assisted living may seem to affect one person, but doing so can make everyone in the family happier and healthier. Contact Prestige Homewood Heights at 503-659-6600 if you have any questions.

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