Oregon City resident Robyn Lindsey has released her first novel, "Breaking Free." The main character's father died when she was young, and her mother was bedridden before she was in middle school and died while she was in her teens.

by: SUBMITTED - LindseyLindsey, 42, who got the idea for this book when she was young, has worked as a grief and empowerment coach and has published three guided journals, a compilation of her poetry, and a book of photos from the Willamette Valley. She hopes this latest book, loosely based on her life growing up in Corpus Christi, Texas, will appeal to anyone who has struggled in life, lost a loved one or who faces their own mortality. Singer Hill Cafe, which was a "huge deciding factor" for her in moving to Oregon City last year, is included in the novel (described, not mentioned by name), and Silver Falls State Park is featured in scenes as well.

Lindsey's mother had multiple sclerosis and died when Lindsey was a teenager, and she says some of Samantha Green’s other life experiences in the book are her own. They also share a fascination with old cemeteries, and Lindsey guesses that's where she first became concerned about the headstones that seemed forgotten.

"Sam" learns from an early age that life would be easier if she built walls to close herself off and to protect herself from the possibility of being hurt. But when she begins to struggle with her own mortality, Sam questions whether her life will ever mean anything if there is no one left to mourn her after she is gone.

"This is a book about finding your own soul, about accepting life’s losses and allowing them to color your world," Lindsey said. "It’s about sharing your light with not only yourself, but also allowing others in to bask in it."

Lindsey is currently working on a sequel to "Breaking Free" in which Sam reconnects with an old friend through letters, and she also is working on a teen journal.

"Breaking Free" is available on, in paperback and Kindle format, and also will be available soon at bookstores. Learn more at

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