Milwaukie-based firm's donation aims to help reforest nation -

Three Angels Children's Relief has received a generous donation from Milwaukie-based Anderson Die & Manufacturing for a tree nursery in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

by: SUBMITTED PHOTO - Workers at a tree nursery in Port au Prince, Haiti, use pots donated by Milwaukie-based Anderson Die & Manufacturing to help battle deforestation.Three Angels is using the 10,000 donated 5-inch “tree-bands” and Anderson’s sturdy “deep propagation flats” to begin producing more than 25,000 fruit trees per year to help feed the Haitians and battle their rampant deforestation problem.

Founded in 1954, Anderson recently has updated its Milwaukie manufacturing plant with state-of-the-art Husky Hylectric injection modeling machines and extensively updated its production tooling. The trees produced by the Three Angel’s Port-au-Prince nursery are sold for a nominal fee throughout the island country.

Haiti's earthquake-ravished island’s forest coverage is estimated at only about 1.5 percent. About 70 percent of Haitians use a charcoal wood product for cooking their daily staples of rice and beans, identified as the primary cause of the deforestation problem.

Deforestation has resulted in cooking fuel shortages, mudslides and other unstable soil conditions, and fewer fruit trees to supplement local diets. With fewer trees available for charcoal production, charcoal cooking-fuel prices have doubled in the last year.

Three Angels and its partners at the Trees That Feed Foundation are engaged in a public-awareness campaign to encourage Haitians to convert from their traditional charcoal cooking to clean-energy cooking using propane. In addition, these groups are teaching local farmers to recognize the value of trees to Haiti and why trees need to be preserved, rather than cut down for fuel.

“The goal is that Haiti will one day again return to the tropical paradise it once was where native trees produced both eatable fruit and reliable shelter against the various furies of nature,” said Eric Helgemo, president of Three Angels. “Three Angels Children’s Relief sincerely thanks Anderson Die & Manufacturing for joining us in our efforts.”

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