Don’t let the deceivers win! Claim your right to vote with Measure 3-407!

William Gifford exemplifies how low the cronies will stoop to protect their fiefdom. Just prior to commencement of the election forum and debate sponsored by Oregon City churches Oct. 22, I asked Gifford to justify the false claim on anti-Measure 3-407 signs that the Right to Vote Measure would result in “new taxes.”

Gifford initially refused unless I promised not to ask him that question during the debate! After pointing out that the people deserved to know, he finally said: “Well, it’s quite a stretch, rather weak.” No kidding: he said the claim is based on the notion that if the people disapproved issuance of urban-renewal bonds for a project, the City Commission might without a vote of the people, increase the millage rate on property in order to lure business. Similarly, the moon might fall out of the sky.

During the debate, I directly called upon Dan Fowler (who paid for the lying signs) to take them down. Six times I challenged Gifford and his fellow lap dogs of Fowler to take them down or justify their claim, and six times they failed to respond.

Now, Rex Parks falsely writes (Letters, Oct. 24) that Jim Nicita is the author of the charter amendment language in Measure 3-407. False! City Attorney Ed Sullivan is the author! And Sullivan himself explained that the charter amendment does not mandate a popular vote on each and every urban-renewal project; rather, the City Commission will have flexibility of pre-approval of bonds or to submit global urban-renewal plan to the voters (“Pub owners spar on OC urban renewal,” Oct. 17). The latter concept would encourage competition among businesses desiring to locate here.

Urban Renewal Commission Chairman Brian Shaw has already been caught telling three big whoppers on these pages, including his big lie that voters authorized the Urban Renewal Commission to issue up to $130 million in debt. Not true! The Urban Renewal Commission gave itself the power to saddle you with that massive debt without any vote of the people whatsoever.

Please go to and see for yourself the official urban-renewal records proving that $12.9 million has been siphoned away from local education by urban-renewal abuses. Watch City Attorney Sullivan’s explanation of the effect of 3-407. See how urban-renewal money is spent on lunches and apparently on operations expenses (which is illegal). The truth shall set you free!

If you’ve seen the Jack Nicholson film classic “Chinatown,” you have an idea of how much the cronies are threatened by the light of day. Cronyism is the problem, and people power is the solution. Please return your ballot marked yes for urban-renewal Measure 3-407.

Oregon City resident J. Kevin Hunt is one of Measure 3-407’s three chief petitioners.

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