For all of those who suspect or accuse board members Sterling and Holloway of lying, wrongdoing or of being part of and a distraction from fixing the problems, there is only one way to get to the bottom of it all—move forward with the independent forensic investigative audit that was required by the fired Clackamas River Water auditors.

March 22: Two members of the CRW 2012 Rate Committee who run multi-million dollar Clackamas County businesses wrote:

“We find overspending to be a significant, contributing factor to the current budgetary [shortfall] issues.”

Eric T. Fuller, corporate energy manager of Precision Castparts

Fuller also said “If we ran Precision Castparts like CRW is run, we would be out of business.”

“The data from 2007 to present shows that overspending is more of a contributing factor [to CRW $1 million budgetary shortfall] than the reduction in water consumption . . . CRW’s proposed rate increase does not address these spending issues.”

Terry W. Emmert, president of Emmert International

Read the professional auditor’s letter at http://xn—

For those of you who do not understand what a forensic audit is or don’t think this revealing independent audit is needed, a forensic/special audit is not biased. It will reveal any and all financial improprieties, failures of internal controls, and wrongdoing by all, including by board members.

No one should be fearing or opposing this audit—which CRW General Manager Lee Moore has been falsely claiming has been completed, yet has never occurred.

For the sake of genuine transparency, accountability and a full resolution, board members Sterling and Holloway make this pledge: If the forensic auditors’ report shows any wrongdoing by Sterling or Holloway, we will resign immediately.

If you want to help get your water rates down, put some sunshine on CRW operations:

1. Stop obstructing the completion of the forensic audit.

2. Stop calling for or allowing the Clackamas County Commission to interfere with the sovereign CRW board and CRW operations.

ORS 198.320 plainly states that when a special district board of five has two vacant seats, two of the three remaining members (a majority) SHALL make an appointment. In full accordance with ORS 198.320, we appointed Jeff Monroy on Oct. 30. Then, the three of us appointed Dr. Larry Sowa former Clackamas County commissioner and Oregon state representative. The new appointees have to stand for election in May 2013.

The legislature wrote that law so special districts could fill a vacancy and continue functioning if (as happened at CRW) the third remaining member refused to attend meetings. Clackamas County commissioners can only step in if two of the three remaining members fail to make an appointment.

3. Allow the board to get on with CRW business beginning with the filling of the remaining vacancy and the forensic audit.

We encourage everyone interested in an honest resolution to the turmoil at CRW to support this remedy. Hopefully any objections to this offer and the audit will be recognized as deliberate obstructions to full disclosure, accountability and honest remedy.

Grafton L. Sterling is a commissioner for Clackamas River Water.

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