The North Clackamas School District Board of Directors has completed its six-month evaluation of Superintendent Matt Utterback.

Overall, Superintendent Utterback’s work was deemed excellent in the four formal board goal areas:

1. Achievement

2. Equity

3. Fiscal

4. Organizational development.

In a very short time, Superintendent Utterback has proven himself to have the depth of knowledge, the breadth of experience, and an inexhaustible energy to lead North Clackamas Schools forward with a positive attitude during difficult times. The Board of Directors congratulates our recently hired superintendent for his seamless transition from interim to permanent superintendent.

The exemplary leadership of Superintendent Utterback has provided clarity and purpose to staff as public education in Oregon moves toward adoption of the Common Core State Standards and requisite assessments; his work towards equity for all students reflects his passion to educate each child.

Superintendent Utterback’s leadership is recognized not only within our schools, but community-wide.

It is with deep appreciation, on behalf of the district and the community, that the Board of Directors fully supports Matt Utterback as Superintendent of the North Clackamas School District.

Rein Vaga, chairman of the North Clackamas School Board, also read this statement at the Thursday board meeting.

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