by: PHOTO BY: ELLEN SPITALERI - Greg Baartz-Bowman, Milwaukie Festival of Short Film organizer, and Henrik Bothe, master of ceremonies for the event, stand outside the Masonic Lodge in Milwaukie.The Upriver/Downtown Milwaukie Festival of Short Film was a smashing success!

I would like to publicly thank the Clackamas County Tourism and Cultural Affairs Office for the grant that made the festival possible. I would also like to thank Celebrate Milwaukie, Inc. for its contributions, including a $500 grant as well practical advice and promotional support.

These organizations help make events like a film festival happen. and I am grateful we have them. I would also like to thank the audience who came out to the show. We had a mix of folks young and old from all over the Metro region and as far away as Milwaukee, Wis.

Straw Bale Films will return with a 2014 version of the Upriver/Downtown Film Festival, and we hope you will venture upriver and downtown to help make the magic happen like it did last Saturday night.

Greg Baartz-Bowman


Support involvement in humanitarian crises

I have had the opportunity to take and work with a Holocaust and Genocide studies class this past year.

Currently, through Clackamas High School there is a national project happening through our teacher Robert Hadley, this project is called “A Million Bones.” This project has included creating bones to represent genocide victims which will be placed at the National Mall to raise awareness of genocide awareness. With genocides currently occurring across the world, including in the DR Congo where the United States gets a lot of materials for things such as laptops and cell phones, our class is trying to assist in this project of raising awareness and encouraging activeness.

Victim of the Holocaust, committed in World War II, a young girl named Anne Frank once said, “No one has ever become poor by giving.” While this rings true, many countries, including the U.S., often fall conflicted with their level of involvement with events such as genocide including the Holocaust, Rwanda and the D.R. Congo.

While to many of us this may seem like a simple answer, as many of us scream, after the fact, “We should help!” the United States has a task force responsible for being the mechanism in which they evaluate the severity of a crisis, the political and economic impact these crises may have on the U.S.

As we evaluate a current event occurring in the Central African Republic, where rebel troops have taken over and France has entered, we see the impact it can have on a government as the only outside help, French troops, are being crucified as “self-concerned” and “imperialistic.”

If no one can become poor from giving, as a country of the people, for the people and by the people, it’s time for us to tell our leaders our support for involvement in humanitarian crises, such as genocide.

Katelin Walker


Make informed decisions

In his letter (“Get the Facts on the CRC,” May 22) Jeff Molinari makes the comment that, “If the other four commissioners feel they have plenty of adequate information regarding CRC, then that should be good enough.”

Remember “Obamacare?” Instead of criticizing Mr. Savas we should encourage our other commissioners to follow his example and not to rush to vote before having the information necessary to make an informed decision.

Along Jeff’s line of thinking if the other four commissioners decided to jump off the Sellwood bridge...

Kathy Hendricks

Lake Oswego

Ask why, rather than accuse

Jeff Molinari’s letter “Get the facts on the CRC” on May 22 completely misses the point.

In his letter to the Clackamas Review on April 24, Commissioner Savas outlines his rationale behind his choice to abstain from voting to take a position on the CRC before having all the facts presented in a work session. Without the ODOT work session and staff input to properly vet the resolution Savas’ position that, “I’m not going to make an uninformed decision” seems like a responsible and reasonable position to take.

The bigger question which Jeff’s letter fails to address is WHY DID THE COMMISSION VOTE TO NOT TAKE A POSITION? By abstaining, rather than voting BEFORE all the facts have been presented I commend Commissioner Savas for his actions and urge his fellow commissioners to do the same in the future.

Jeanne Freeman

West Linn

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