The time has passed for the Clackamas Board of County Commissioners to stop playing “political football” with the MAX light-rail project, particularly as it closes in on the 50 percent completion milestone.

The taxpayers of Clackamas County — including those within the urban growth boundary who, generally, support mass transit options — deserve leadership from their elected officials, and leadership by the collective BCC is still the missing ingredient in the Portland-Milwaukie light-rail project.

Do the commissioners want the urbanized, unincorporated areas of Clackamas County to remain infinitely dependent on county resources? Or, do they want the urbanized areas to grow up and take care of themselves?

If it’s the former, then continue to treat these areas with deference, a lack of vision, and a lack of respect ... devoting little to no resources to their current and future needs.

However, if it’s the latter, then help us begin to seriously redevelop economically blighted areas and to encourage financial investments. Help us, guide us, toward self-determination and incorporation. Help us help you!

Please stop using us as your political football, punting us around like we were some sort of deflated, ragged, worn out piece of leather. The Clackamas County communities that the coming MAX line will service are already rejuvenated and engaged because of this project — and could be even more so with your support.

Whether you live or work here, we all want an economically vital county. We all want a vibrant county we’re proud to live in.

And I believe even the naysayers — the ones who fear the change coming — in their heart of hearts really do want to leave their children and grandchildren something worthwhile.

Commissioners, enough is enough. Settle this lawsuit with TriMet now. Honor your contractual commitments. Get this project built.

Protect the rural, build the future.

Fred Nelligan

Oak Grove

CRC fact-check needed

I am responding to the three letters responding to my letter regarding Commissioner Paul Savas. Jeanne Freeman of West Linn says that I am missing the point. Kathy Hendricks of Lake Oswego wants me to remember Obamacare, and Jo Havercamp supports his analytical style.

Don’t get me wrong, Paul is a great guy. Paul is a conservative, so we were lead to believe. If he is, then why doesn’t he support the other conservative commissioners in this decision? I have been in sales and management for 40 years. I have worked with a lot of analytical people. I saw many of them struggle when it came to making decisions.

For our Clackamas County commissioners to work effectively, it takes teamwork.

Paul seems to be on his own mission. And now we find out that the states of Oregon and Washington are trying to work out deals with two companies near the bridge that are affected by the current height proposal, as far as these companies moving. In other words, let’s use the taxpayer dollars to help these companies relocate. This, so light rail can be built on the bridge.

The whole idea as far as replacing the bridge, and it does need to be replaced, is to improve the flow of traffic across the bridge. It would take more lanes to do this. Remember, there is a lot of interstate commerce that travels across this bridge. With light rail, they wouldn’t be able to add more lanes. So what is the point?

I would like to see Paul get re-elected next year. I have known Paul for a while. However, he has lost a lot of conservative support since the first of the year.

There are other issues that required the commissioners immediate attention when they took over in January. They are trying to right the wrongs of the previous commission, since they misrepresented the majority of taxpayers when they signed the agreement with TriMet.

This is why they are no longer on the Clackamas County Board of Commissioners.

Bottom line, if you don’t listen to the voter/taxpayers who are actually the employer of any elected official, they get fired at the next election, or by recall. Paul just needs to become more of a team player. He is not the enemy—neither are the other commissioners.

Our enemy is TriMet, who has continued to bully our commissioners and taxpayers, via a lawsuit. And now that TriMet gave the Clackamas County taxpayers’ $20 million away to Beaver Heating for their move to Washington County—money that you and I will be repaying over the next 20 years. Maybe the taxpayers should file a lawsuit against the previous commissioners and one curent commissioner who misrepresented us.

Jeff Molinari


Wonderful community

I’m an exchange student from Italy, and I’ve been living here for almost 10 months.

I had such a great year thanks to the wonderful community I found at Clackamas. I wish I could spend more time here because I’ve never met so many friendly people who were always open to me and my culture.

This experience made me a better person, and I would redo it 10 more times if I could. Thank you, Clackamas. Thank you, Oregon.

Claudia Massioni


Dance teammates now sisters

I am an exchange student from Germany, and I stayed in Oregon City for the last 10 months. I really enjoyed this community,. and I wanted to say thank you to everybody who supported me. Oregon is an amazing state, and I will truly miss it.

One of my favorite things to do was being on the Oregon City High School Dance Team. My teammates are now my sisters, and I will sure come back to visit them.

Toni Koch

Oregon City

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