As we continue to see extreme wildfire behavior across the state, Clackamas Fire District is also focusing on equally important local life-safety activities. The month of September is National Preparedness Month across the country.

Preparedness means getting you, your family, your home, and or business prepared in the event of a natural or human-caused disaster. Training and education comes in many forms and you can find out more by visiting us at

The month of October is of great importance to the fire service because it represents Fire Prevention Week. This year, Fire Prevention Week is Oct. 6-12, and the focus is on preventing kitchen fires. Here are a few safety tips that everyone should know:

The leading cause of fires in the kitchen is unattended cooking. Keep anything that can catch fire (paper or plastic bags, potholders, oven mitts, wooden utensils, food packaging, towels, or curtains) away from your stove.

It is important to have a home escape plan and meeting place for your family.

Only working smoke alams save lives.

Remind your family that once a smoke alarm sounds, get out and stay out.

Be safe!

Fred Charlton

Clackamas Fire chiefby: PHOTO COURTESY: CLACKAMAS FIRE DISTRICT NO. 1 - Clackamas Fire EMS Officer Bill Conway hands out over 100 File of Life folders to residents of Rose Villa this summer to allow residents to write down all their important medical information and provide the best possible treatment to first responders.

Stay out of there!

U.S. involvement in the Syrian civil war is a terrible idea for a myriad of reasons and will only seek to hurt the outlook of United States standing around the world.

First, we have little to no support from our allies. Second, we are not sure what will happen if we do act and shoot a ceremonial “shot across the bowel” without a specific strategy or plan in place. The U.S. should not act when we can’t say for certain who was behind the chemical attack on the innocent people of Syria.

The president should not act just to save face because of the words he used with his “Red Line” speech in August of 2012. I hope members of Congress seek to seriously examine the ramifications of any actions when there is no good outcome that can be seen.

Kevin Moss


Back to the drawing board

I just have to respond to Gary Duell’s of Sept. 4 letter headlined “Warning: Entering the Molinari zone.” I have to wonder what he has been adding to his kool aid.

It is true that the majority of our elected officials are not listening to the voters/taxpayers. This is why John Ludlow and Tootie Smith were elected to the Clackamas County Board of Commissioners. It is obvious that the majority of Clackamas County voters were not happy with the decisions made by the previous commission. As you will remember, they made their decisions based on their campaign contributions and not the will of the voters/taxpayers.

As far as the CRC, like I said, because of the commerce that travels across the Interstate Bridge to ease the flow of traffic would require more lanes. More lanes are not possible with light rail on the bridge. Besides, Washington said no. So if Oregon goes it alone and they build light rail on the bridge, being that the state border is in the middle of the Columbia River, does Mr. Duell want Oregon to build light rail to the middle of the bridge? Governor Kitzhaber is also not listening to us. He is still trying to find a way to build a new bridge that would include light rail.

It is also obvious that Mr. Duell voted for the commissioners who lost their re-election bid. Both John and Tootie are the best thing that has happened to Clackamas County in a long time. They listen to the citizens of Clackamas county and make their decisions based on the testimony of our citizens.

Mr. Duell comments on measure 3-401 saying that only 24 percent turned out for this election. I don’t remember the exact number, however, the opportunity was there for more voters to turn out. The end result: yes, 61 percent; no, 39 percent. John Ludlow and Tootie Smith were elected by a huge margin along with a much larger voter turn out than measure 3-401.

You see, usuallly when campaign contributors talk our elected leaders into working on their pet projects, our public safety suffers, our roads suffer, etc. These are areas that by no circumstances should be affected.

We need more people on the BCC like John and Tootie. They believe in the citizens of Clackamas County, they support the citizens of Clackamas County. And by no means will they allow any campaign contributors dictate our future. Mr. Duell, you sir, need to go back to the drawing board.

Jeff Molinari


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