It is expensive for Oregon City to be the county seat of Clackamas County.

The dominating presence of Clackamas County brings lots of people to Oregon City on a daily basis, requiring Oregon City to employ extra police and provide other local government services at no cost to the county. Visitors seeking county services use many parking spaces, to the detriment of local Oregon City businesses. Clackamas County is exempt from the payment of property taxes on the many county buildings and land located in Oregon City, including the county’s local wastewater treatment plant, to the financial detriment of Oregon City. In a nutshell, Oregon City gives a lot to the county without compensation.

Oregon City charges various fees, including a fee charged for many years to compensate the city for use of its rights of way. This right-of-way usage fee applies to county sewer pipes located underground in Oregon City. It is a common fee in our state and is not a hidden tax. In fact, Oregon City’s ordinance for this fee is based on a state-wide model from the League of Oregon Cities.

I was very disappointed to learn that the county (as the governing body of the Tri-Cities Sewer District) is suing Oregon City over the right-of-way usage fee that Oregon City charges to the county (“No end in sight for cities’ fee dispute?” Aug. 13). To make matters worse, the county now arbitrarily charges Oregon City higher sewer rates than the other cities in the sewer district. This smacks of vindictiveness.

Just because the county is exempt from payment of property taxes does not mean it gets a free ride on other things. Every other entity subject to a right of way fee pays it without complaint. Clackamas County, through its sewer district, needs to get with the program.

Vicki Yates

Oregon City

Stop perpetuating the abortion lie

The soapbox opinion by Michele Stranger Hunter demonstrates how misinformed or disingenuous the NARAL Pro-Choice movement really is. The Hobby Lobby case did NOT deprive women of the right to contraceptives of any kind. All contraceptives that were legal before the Hobby Lobby case are still legal now. The only thing that happened is that a limited number of non-public owned corporations do not have to pay for two of six contraceptive methods though employee health insurance policies if it violates their religious faith.

To say that women are discriminated against is ridiculous. Women can walk into any drug store or grocery-store pharmacy and buy any legal contraceptive. Where are they denied women access to contraception?? The parading women like Sandra Fluck as an example of how women are being denied contraception is a joke. She was attending a college that was costing her thousands of dollars a year and she couldn’t afford $8 a month for contraception? She just wanted someone else to pay for it.

People like Ms. Hunter like to foment derision toward those who are pro-life. She and the Pro-choicers want everyone to forget the 55,000,000 lives that have been extinguished since the Roe v. Wade decision and they what you to believe that the holocaust of abortion on demand is a health issue for women. There are only a few types of cases where the killing of human life can be remotely justified and/or threaten a woman’s health.

It’s time Ms. Hunter stops perpetuating the BIG LIE about the Hobby Lobby decision.

Myron Martwick

Oak Grove

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