Over the past many months I’ve had the privilege of meeting and listening to thousands of community members, business owners, families, students and civic leaders. In collective, they have provided me with a clear understanding of their hopes, dreams and concerns around the future of Oregon.


Lori DeRemerOne of their biggest concerns is educational funding. Far too many of our sons and daughters are leaving our community to find decent family-wage jobs. As a parent of twin daughters and mayor of the city of Happy Valley this is unacceptable to me. This atrocity is why I am stepping forward to run for House District 51. Today, I stand ready to chart a new course for Oregon.

Oregon has some of the worst graduation rates in the country, and our region has some of the largest class sizes in the metro area. This has to change. Funding education will be my top priority and working to ensure where it’s needed most.

As the fundraising chair for the Friends of Clackamas Community College, I worked hard to help pass a bond measure that will bring more career technical training and workforce development offerings closer to home. I will bring this same advocacy to Salem for the entire educational system.


The next step will be taking action to improve job creation and economic vitality. As a business owner and public servant, I know firsthand that the state is not doing enough to keep regulations under control and critical infrastructure up to date. Solving transportation issues in fast-growing regions like ours is critical to sustaining a healthy economy. We need to fight to improve freight mobility, reduce traffic congestion and make roads safer.

Oregon needs to do the same or we will lose good local jobs to other states. I will work against overzealous regulations, higher tax obligations and frivolous lawsuits so we can achieve the thriving economy Oregon deserves.

My stance on these issues is why the Happy Valley Business Alliance, North Clackamas Chamber of Commerce, Gresham Chamber of Commerce, Home Builders Association of Oregon, National Federation of Independent Businesses, National Rifle Association, Oregon Association Chiefs of Police, Oregon Association of Realtors, Oregon Business Association, Portland Business Alliance, Oregon Cattleman’s Association, Oregon State Sheriff’s Association PAC, Oregon Farm Bureau and Oregon Association of Nurseries are stepping up to endorse me.


The Oregon Legislature needs to learn how to live within their means. As for my record in Happy Valley, we have operated in the black every year since I’ve been on the council. To prepare for any unforeseen issues, we have been able to put $2.5 million in reserve over the last three years, as well as fund our reserve for replacement as forecasted.


It is a tragedy that as Oregon experiences significant economic growth, homelessness is spiraling out of control in areas such as the Springwater Corridor Trail. I will work in partnership with civic leaders, businesses, churches, law enforcement and groups like 211info to increase services and support to our communities’ most vulnerable populations. I will work work to change our approach to mental health and drug abuse treatment.

I will also continue to work to support our veterans who have sacrificed so much for our freedom.


I have a proven record of expanding innovative solutions locally to produce positive impacts to our environment for our region’s families to enjoy for many generations. I am a firm believer in the power of collaboration. As mayor, I understand how important it is to stay engaged on regional issues like the Willamette Falls Legacy Project. We all win from projects that support the economy, create jobs, protect the environment and preserve our history.

As mayor of Happy Valley, I’m proud to represent the citizens and humbled by the support and cooperation in what we’ve been able to accomplish regionally. This mutual success is why I want to represent my district in Salem and get the same positive results. Nonpartisanship is what has empowered me to work with all sides and get things done, which is why I’ve received local endorsements from leaders in both parties.

My strong track record as mayor is why leaders on both sides of the aisle are endorsing me such as Clackamas County Commissioner Martha Schrader, State Rep. Bill Kennemer, State Sen. Chuck Thomsen, Clackamas Sheriff Craig Roberts, Gresham Mayor Shawn Bemis, Metro Council President Tom Hughes and my own Happy Valley City Council.

Let’s work together to make our community be the best it can be. Join me in charting a new course for Oregon.

Happy Valley Mayor Lori Chavez-DeRemer is a candidate for House District 51.

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