Ken Hall has never had ill effects from pulling tansy ragwort; Janet Figini believes that term limits is a necessary law

I commend Mary Hayden for reporting on tansy ragwort ("Getting rid of this weed is a life-and-death issue," July 26.)

Tansy ragwortWe have had two properties of 5 and 10 acres in the Beavercreek area in the past 50 years. I eliminated tansy in those properties within two years each except for the seeds windblown from my neighbor's properties. Cinnabar moths are nice but, in my experience they are not as efficient as yanking the plants out. The plants are shallow rooted and are not too hard to pull when the ground is wet. I have never used gloves, protective clothing or plastic bags.

If your readers wish to see these plants, they are abundant along the Clackamas River Trail by the Clackamette Cove. There, I yank out the tansy and toss it roots up onto the evergreen blackberry plants (invasive) or the Himalayan blackberry plants (invasive) or the scotch broom (also invasive). With the roots out of the ground, the plants quickly die. I have never had ill effects from pulling tansy but I may be luckier than most.

Ken Hall

Oregon City

New officials, fresh ideas

Many of us believe that term limits is a necessary law, for local government, state government and federal government legislators and any other elected office ("Term limits would remove 25 legislators," July 26).

I personally believe it is a matter of of personal integrity. Power corrupts. Power and money further corrupts the holder of both.

We have all seen the lack of work being done on the local and national level in service to our country, state etc. We have the same people in office for years and nothing changes that involves new ideas, and real change when laws and regulations do not work out as stated they would.

I have no idea why the people keep voting in the same people to office except that they feel loyalty to some person that may have done something good. It does seem that the solutions from our state legislators is for the people to just pay more and in the end we do not get what is promised.

The officials we have now and have had for many years, especially some who have been there for so very long have led this state into the worst possible fiscal mess ever. Why would you, Mr. Wilson, (who represents the Service Employees International Union) feel that term limits are a bad thing? Unbelievable! Just the perks of office alone should be spread out to new people.

How about having legislators who come into office, do their jobs, get out and go onto bigger and better things and let new people with new fresh ideas into office?

Janet Figini


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