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I am a longtime supporter of our Oregon City Police Department. During my 20-plus years as a resident, I have watched our officers work in crowded, unsafe and deteriorating conditions. Police, Code Enforcement and the courts took over the double-wides that make up the facility when staff moved to a new City Hall. Unfortunately, there is a large percent of the buildings that is unsafe for use and is vacant.

Safety is key for police officers and crime victims. The current facility has no safe area for crime victims. RENDERING COURTESY: SCOTT MOORE, GROUP MACKENZIE ARCHITECT - Oregon City's new police station is designed with a public plaza at its front entrance honoring both fallen Officer Robert Libke and the former Mt. Pleasant Elementary School building. They are brought into the same waiting area as the criminals causing undue trauma to victims. The storage for evidence in criminal investigations is in the basement which sometimes floods, creating a risk of damaged evidence. Even more critical is a state law that mandates for police buildings to meet new seismic requirements by the year 2022.

A new police department is necessary for a modern, safe, facility to serve our community through 2047 and beyond. The department has been using the current facility since 1980 when our population was only 16,000 and had a department of 30 total officers. 2017 population is now at 35,000 residents and the department now staffs 58 full-time officers.

An ideal central location has been chosen, a funding mechanism is in place with the C-SAF fee, which is for all utility bill payers. We need permission from you, our community, to issue a bond. This is a win-win scenario for our whole community.

Please vote YES on Measure 3-517 for a safer Oregon City.

Lynda Orzen

Friends of OC Police PAC

Thanks for the great coverage

Your article in last week's paper about City Councilor Linda Neace was extremely well written. Dave Sleight and I appreciate your taking the time to shine a light on activities in our local government that are less than most of us would hope for.

The ability of our press to research, report and print is being threatened when it is critical to understand our complex world. The reporting done by the Portland Tribune, the Clackamas Review and sister papers is replacing the vacuum left by the decimated Oregonian. More and more often, an Oregonian article begins by saying "as first reported in the Tribune." Thank you, Dr. Robert B. Pamplin, Jr., and everyone employed by Pamplin Media, for keeping a news lifeline alive and well in our state.

We need more printed journalism not less... more people being paid to research and write and provide factually based information to the public. Thank you for sticking with this career during a difficult time.

Susan Liston


Mayor's irrelavant attacks

I'm writing to try and understand the purpose and role of Lori Chavez-DeRemer's regular "column" or op-ed in the Clackamas Review. As a regular reader of the paper, it appears to me that it is solely a political vehicle for her to attack Gov. Kate Brown and the Democrats in the Oregon Legislature. I can't recall the last time I saw her comment on anything of relevance to all residents of the county.

I'm wondering why the Review provides this clearly partisan platform as a regular feature, especially since I don't see a regular column or op-ed from the Democratic side. If the mayor wants to complain about her recent loss in November 2016 to Rep. Janelle Bynum and prepare for her next election, shouldn't she pay for a political advertisement instead of receiving free publicity?

Eric Hallquist

Oak Grove

No term limits

That is what voting is all about. If you have term limits, you throw out the productive and efficient office holders with those that are non-productive and non-efficient. And it causes too many changes at one time.

Who cares how many years they are in office as long as they are doing a great job? Think about what kind of job they are doing when you vote.

Sue Conachan

Oak Grove

It's illegal

While driving on Glen Echo in Gladstone recently, I witnessed a Clackamas County car driver talking on her cell phone while driving! It is bad enough to see citizens unlawfully talking on cell phones in their personal cars, but I feel that if you are in an official vehicle you should be more respectful of the laws.

Drivers in county cars are a reflection on the county, as are police officers and other officials. If the call is urgent, you can pull over to the side of the road.

Please remember, driving in Oregon while talking on your cell phone is ILLEGAL! Please be more law abiding and set the proper example!

Distracted driving is not safe driving!

Donna Rondema


Something doesn't feel right

By standard measures, the U.S. economy has been in recovery since 2010, making this the third longest expansion in recorded history (the longest being October 1982 until July 1990). "Now Hiring" signs are a common feature outside many Oregon City establishments. And yet...

In a booming national economy, why are interest rates still near zero? With unemployment so low, why does spending on human services continue to rocket upward? With record tax collections, why does Oregon have such a hard time balancing the budget?

These questions, among others, are leaving many of our members with a sense of unease. Business is robust, Oregon City is growing, people have more disposable income. And yet...

Financial experts note that to accommodate population growth and inflation effects, the U.S. needs real GDP growth of 3 percent annually. That's just to tread water. 2005 was the last time we generated 3 percent growth. If these standard economic metrics are true, it means our nation has been getting poorer for the past 12 years. Maybe this is why the current recovery doesn't always feel like a recovery.

The "new normal" is an overused term in the media. However, if sub 3 percent growth in the midst of a long recovery turns out to be the new normal, it means some forbidding unknowns. And therefore something doesn't feel right.

Let's get to work.

Michael Brand

Interim executive director of the OC Chamber of Commerce

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