UPDATE: Lead shrinks to just 10 votes

UPDATE: As of the results being updated on Thursday afternoon, those opposing the measure now lead 1,271 to 1,261. The results will be updated tomorrow afternoon as the clerk's office continues to tally ballots that couldn't be read and needed to be duplicated.

The update following tomorrow afternoon's likely wouldn't come until May 28, when people whose ballots have been challenged can go into the Clackamas County Office and appropriately complete their ballots.

Final results will be submitted no earlier than May 28.

Currently there are approximately 500 ballots countywide that have been challenged, and to estimate how many are relevant to the bond measure, Estacada makes up three percent of the voting area. This isn't to say there are 15 ballots out there, but that would be the statistical guess.

If the vote finishes within .2 percent, or approximately five votes, then the county would recount the votes.

As opposers to Estacada measure 3-400, which would create a bond to pay for a new fire station in town, went to sleep Wednesday night, the feeling in their stomach must have been uneasy.

When the first wave of results came out, approval of the bond had received 1,100 votes, giving them only six more votes than the opposition.

When everyone woke up Wednesday morning, however, things had changed.

With the most recent wave of ballots now counted, the "No" votes had climbed to 1,261 - reversing the results and now giving them a 16-vote lead.

While the vote may not be certified for another 7-10 days, the county is still recording votes that may have been dropped in boxes in other counties. The Clackamas County Clerk Office said that another update was scheduled for Thursday afternoon.

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