Alan Hull wants to set the record straight about misinformation regarding the upcoming fire bond

Citizens of Estacada Rural Fire District,

by: PHOTO BY JEFF SPIEGEL - Alan Hull, Estacada's former fire chief, wants to make sure people are getting accurate information regarding measure 3-409.

Most of you are aware of measure 3-409, which is on the Nov. ballot. If passed, this measure would build a much-needed new fire station.

You may have even seen the signs posted along Main Street opposing the measure. When I saw the signs I knew exactly why they got posted.

The owner of the properties just lost in a lawsuit he filed against the fire district.

In my 35 years with the fire district I only know of two lawsuits, both brought by the same person. In each case the Estacada Fire District was found innocent of any wrongdoing.

Estacada Fire has, and always will, take responsibility when the fault is theirs, but will defend firefighters when they have done no wrong.

The argument filed against the bond measure is full of lies and misinformation.

Most all the false statements you will here are verbatim from the same individual posting the signs.

Allow me to address just a couple of these issues.

When I was Fire Chief, I negotiated with property owners for the land needed for a new station. Using funds recovered from the embezzlement these owners received a fair price.

We have never used eminent domain to obtain properties.

The Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) working and volunteering for Estacada Fire are well trained, and they continually work to hone their EMT and firefighting skills.

The ballot measure presented in this election reflects major cuts in the size and materials used to construct a new station, saving taxpayers $1.2 million from the last request.

If your house is valued at $175,000 you would pay less than $5 a month. Any more cuts, and we will end up with the opposition's pole barn fire station.

Please see past the lies, seek the truth, and vote yes on ballot measure 3-409.

-Alan L. Hull, retired fire chief

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