by: ESTACADA NEWS PHOTO: ISABEL GAUTSCHI - Yamashita chats with the City Manager Bill Elliott, Mayor Brent Dodrill and members of the City Council.The Estacada City Council awarded its police coverage contract to the Sandy Police Department during a 15 minute council meeting on Monday, May 13.

For the past several months, the council has been deliberating whether to renew its police coverage contract with the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office, which it has contracted with since 1978, or to switch to the Sandy Police Department.

The city stands to save nearly $43,600 with the Sandy contract.

Sheriff Craig Roberts and Undersheriff Matt Ellington of the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office and Chief Kim Yamashita and a sergeant from the Sandy Police Department and a few citizens were in attendance to hear the council’s decision.

Before the vote, Mayor Brent Dodrill thanked both agencies for the information they provided as the council considered the decision.

He also thanked City Manager Bill Elliott for drawing up budget comparisons between the two contracts. He expressed gratitude to the citizens who had voiced their opinions about the coverage contract. He thanked Councilor Sean Drinkwine for initiating the police contract debate.

“It’s been a good process for us to work through as a city council and has given us a greater understanding of our police coverage,” Dodrill said.

Councilor Drinkwine moved to take the Sandy contract as written. Councilor Curt Steininger seconded the motion.

Despite Councilors Michele Conditt and Jodi Scott’s absence, there was a quorum and the council took a vote. Councilors Drinkwine, Steininger, Rob Gaskill and Edward Smith voted to award the contract to Sandy. Mayor Dodrill voted to renew the Sheriff’s Office’s contract.

Sandy won the contract four to one.

Councilors Drinkwine and Steininger each took a moment to thank the Sheriff’s Office for the “phenomenal job” they’ve done, but noted that they wanted to “try something new.”

“I appreciate all the hard work that went into a really significant decision and I look forward to moving forward from here,” Dodrill said.

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