Curt Steininger has resigned from the Estacada City Council.

At his request, Councilor Michele Conditt read Steininger’s resignation letter during the council meeting Monday, April 14.

Steininger said he had “bitten off more than he could chew.”

Steininger wrote fondly of his five daughters, his part-time job at Lowe’s, and his decision to return to school to obtain a bachelor’s degree in social work in hopes of helping veterans who suffer from emotional or mental issues upon his graduation.

Steininger also discussed his obligation to the Oregon Army National Guard. He has been in the guard for 12 years and recently signed on for another six.

“As a councilor, I think you should attend Chamber of Commerce meetings, and stop in on a parks and recreation or infrastructure meeting, or attend ribbon cutting events and LOC meetings,” Steininger wrote. “After all, you are representing the city on behalf of the people. Sadly, this is time and dedication that I simply can no longer give ... I believe for me to continue would simply be selfish on my part. Estacada deserves someone who will be committed to the service of the city and its people.”

Steininger continued, “I joined the City Council because I wanted to be a part of shaping Estacada’s future into one that I hope my children and yours will lay down their roots in one day. A city that people stand tall in and love. A city based around family, faith and community. I truly believe that Estacada is that place. I am proud of the job the City Council has done during my time here. I hope and know they will continue to do such a wonderful job.”

Steininger said he looked forward to returning to the council in 10 years or so, when he has the time necessary to dedicate to the position.

City Recorder Denise Carey urged those interested in filling the vacancy to call City Hall at 503-630-8270 for more information on the role of city councilor and how to apply. She expects a replacement to be appointed by the council meeting on Monday, May 12.

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