New plan for tree planting strives to improve downtown Estacada's aesthetic, walkability

ESTACADA NEWS PHOTO: EMILY LINDSTRAND - The city's new street tree master plan outlines how trees should be planted in downtown Estacada and notes that the city will take over maintenance of these trees. A similar plan already existed on Broadway Street in the downtown area.

The Estacada City Council has approved a master plan for trees in the downtown area.

Passed by the council during a meeting on Monday, July 10, the street tree master plan dictates what kind of trees should grow and how they should be planted. The city will take over ownership and maintenance of trees that are planted as a result of the resolution.

A plan like this already exists for Broadway Street in the city's downtown area, and this plan extends the policy to other streets in the downtown area.

The plan says that emerald sunshine elms should be planted on north-south axis streets and persian ironwood and hot wings maple trees on east-west axis streets.

The goals of the street tree master plan include adding to the aesthetic appeal of the city's downtown, as well as drawing more visitors to the area.

The resolution notes that "the city's streets provide the major means of transportation for residents and represent the most viewed public areas within the city ... Well planned and maintained street trees can provide an element of beauty and comfort that will be strongly reflected in the community image" and "trees and landscaping can help enhance the visual appeal of vehicle and pedestrian entranceways to the downtown generating a sense of welcome and increased foot traffic and business."

Melanie Wagner, assistant to the city manager, said she hopes the plan helps improve walkability of downtown Estacada.

"We hope to make downtown welcoming and inviting, and provide shade and elements of beauty," she said. "I hope people enjoy them."

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