Kimberly Binder created a petition to keep the logger statue in its current home

FILE PHOTO - Many citizens have expressed their discontent about the idea of moving Estacadas logger statue to Timber Park. The statue currently stands in front of City Hall.

A proposed relocation of the logger statue, currently standing outside Estacada City Hall to a new perch at Timber Park, has garnered a significant amount of local opposition.

City staff are reconsidering a move of the statue to accommodate a future phase of the Station Cycling Plaza. City staff initially thought Timber Park would be a good fit for the logger, as well as the Sasquatch statue that was inherited from Mike Doolittle of the former Mike's Secondhand store.

However, many citizens expressed their discontent after the Estacada News reported on the proposal.

Kimberly Binder created a petition to keep the logger statue in its current home. The petition has amassed 541 online signatures as of The News' press time on Tuesday.

"The consensus is that everyone likes him right where he is," Binder said. "He's a symbol of what our town was, and our history."

Binder, along with many who have signed the petition, believe the main issue with moving the logger to Timber Park is a lack of visibility.

"It's would be like putting your old aunt in a home, and visiting her once a year," Binder said, noting additional concerns with the potential for vandalism at Timber Park. "It's making us take our heritage from being central to putting it on the back burner. It's a slap in the face to families who build the town."

Binder plans to present the petition at the Estacada City Council meeting Monday, July 24. In addition to the online version at, paper copies are available to sign at the Estacada Community Center, Estacada Tackle, Dick's Logging, Lew's Drive-In, the Cazadero Inn, Taco Time, Just In Video, the Trails Inn Cafe & Timber Room, Chapman's and The Mason Jar.

Melanie Wagner, assistant to the city manager, noted that the question of where to move the logger statue would now be posed to the City Council.

"Nothing is set in stone," she said. "It doesn't sound like people are happy (with the Timber Park location)."

She noted that city staff appreciates the community feedback.

"It's cool to know that people really care (about the logger)," she said. "If it's pivotal to the community, we want to know what everyone wants."

Binder believes it's valuable that the statue stays in its current position in front of City Hall.

"It's the spirit of who we are, especially looking at all of the Christmas tree farms that are still here," she said. "It's a vital aspect of who we are and everyone who has come before us. We want kids to know (the heritage of) where they grew up."

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