Estacada elementary school students share culinary advice, just in time for the holiday season

CONTRIBUTED PHOTO - Estacada elementary student drew this Thanksgiving-themed artwork.

To ring in the holiday season, the Estacada News asked students in third-, fourth- and fifth-grade classes at Clackamas River and River Mill Elementary schools how they would cook a turkey. Read on for some of the best culinary advice you'll encounter this year.

Happy Thanksgiving from the staff of The Estacada News.

Audrey Gourneau

Making turkeys. Is 2 bars of chocolate. 1 a turkey. 2 buy lettuce for the chocolate strawberry sauce. 3 buy a bunch of berries prefered to use strawberries to be cut up in the chocolate covered strawberry dressing. 4 cook the turkey in 300 degrees for 3~4hrs. 5 take out the turkey and let it sit. 6 then you want to put the chocolate in a pot at 5 degrees. 7 then cut up the strawberries.Then put them in. 8 let that sit for almost about 20 min. 9 then the lettuce in a bowl. 10 Drizzle the chocolate on lettuce.

Jamie Cilley

1. Buy a turkey.

2. You need an oven or some place to cook the turkey

3. You need ingredients: cumin, sage, basil, chives. You need cranberry sauce and stuffing

4. Put the turkey in the cranberry sauce, start marinating the turkey, put the cumin on the top

5. Butter the pan, put the turkey on the pan, put the pan in the oven

6. Set timer for 4 hours on 450 degrees!

7. Wait till it is done….

8. Take it out, put it on a dish.

9. (optional) Stuff the turkey

10. Time to eat! YAY :)

Rhythm Paschal

What you need: Turkey, seasoning, rosemary.

1 Pull out the guts

2 let it soak in Rosemary water, wait one day.

3 take it out and put it in the oven on 1,000 Temperature

4 Wait 10 Hours.

5 Take it out, season it.

6 get another turkey

7 do what I told you already but you have to take out its guts

8 And this is what you need to add have a great dinner: Cranberry sauce, Mashed potatoes, Milk, plate your food and eat!

Bree Roane

1.Put vegetable oil on the pan

2.Put the pan in the oven

3.Keep it in the oven for 4 hours.

4.When it's done put some spices on it and put some vegetables around it. Also put some jalapenos on it. If you want to you can just dip it in ketchup.

When all that's done you cut up some carrots or celery and spread it around the turkey. Have a happy Thanksgiving.

Henry Gaylor

Step one kill a turkey it's more fun than buying one. (Unless you really love


Step two cut the head off.

Step three skin the turkey.

Step four gut the turkey.

Step five clean the turkey.

Step six put whatever you want on it.

Step seven cook the turkey.

Step eight eat your turkey.

PS I actually don't know how to cook a turkey.

Bash Grange

Step 1. Find a turkey

Step 2. Take out the skeleton

Step 3. Put it on display

Step 4. Put seasoning on it or gummy bears

Step 5. Cook the turkey

Step 6. Cook it more

Step 7. Cook it MORE!

Step 8. Eat the turkey

And that is how to cook a turkey. Have a happy Thanksgiving.

Jimmy How to cook a turkey step by step

Step 1. Cook it for 350 degrees/175 degrees

Step 2. Make a flavor

Step 5. Pull it out

Step 6. Get a turkey

Step 7. Cook it more

Step 6. Stuff it

Step 7 release you forgot you family

Step 8. Start over

Step 9.get famly

Step 10. Research how to cook a turkey


Reagan Alves

Go to Safeway and get a turkey.

Preheat the oven to to 325 degrees (165 degrees C).

Place onion, celery, and carrot in a large, roasting pan.

Make a pepper and salt mix.

Melt some butter.

Cook some sage and rosemary for about 16 seconds and make your turkey hollow and stuff them in it.

Spread your butter all over and sprinkle the salt and pepper on the turkey.

And finally pop it in the oven for 3 to 4 hours!


Ella Mallett

1. Shoot a turkey (it's way more fun than buying one!).

2. Aaaaahhhhh! Sorry my little sister saw the dead turkey so, step 2 make sure your little sister doesn't see the dead turkey!!

3. Buy salt, pepper, rosemary, garlic, and stuffing at Fred Meyers.

4. Put the turkey in the oven for 8 to 22 hours.

5. Let the turkey sit for 2 to 4 hours.

6. Stuff turkey with ingredients from step 3 and cover with salt and pepper.



don't actually do this!!


1. Go in your car. 2. Go to the store. 3. Go to the food aisle then find a turkey. 4.Buy a turkey at the cash register.5.Go back to your car.6.go home.7.Cook in oven for 4 hours.8. Grab that your friends and the turkey. That's the end.

Nathan Ott

STEP 1. Chop the turkey's head off

STEP 2. Watch it run around

STEP 3. Watch your dog eat the turkey's head

STEP 4. Clean the turkey

STEP 5. Find ingredients like mountain dew ,cinnamon ,salt , pepper, stuffing

STEP 6. Stuff the ingredients inside the turkey

STEP 7. Turn the oven on 150 degrees

STEP 8. Cook the turkey for 3000000 hours

STEP 9. Get some drinks [ the really good ones]


Hunter Watkins

1.Find a turkey and butcher it. 2.Cut the turkey's head off then cut a hole in the turkey's stomach. 3.Cut a bunch of stuff up that you want to put in your marinade. Here's some examples that you can put in your marinade: gummy bears, carrots, candy, taperica and maybe some celery. 4.Put it in the oven for 4-6 hours then take it out and eat it and of course feel fat and happy!

Ashton Dehaven

1. get the turkey from the store (duh )

2. put it in the oven for like 6 to 4 hours

3. then put a hole in it and stuff it

4. invite people over

5. eat it

6. And tell the people that you invited to pay up.

7. Then thank me.

Lillie Miles

How to make a turkey: first get a pan, next get a turkey, then put your turkey in the pan. After that put your turkey in the oven and let it cook for a little bit. Make some gravy. Then take the pan out and put the gravy on it. Seit it on the table then put more food around it! Gather your family and eat the food! Have a good time!

Jesse Arrango

So you will need to go to the store and get a turkey and invite a lot of people and eat it with them. And after give them a bill of $ 200 for inviting them over and giving them turkey if they say no tell them you have to because i let you in my home and because you gave them food and drinks.

But back to the subject, how to cook a turkey, so basically you need a turkey and Old Bay.

Kole Carver

1. Kill the turkey.

2. Get the feathers off.

3. Go to your house.

4. Cook the turkey for 3 hours at 300f.

5. Get the turkey out.

6. Put it in the roasting pan.

7. Get seasoning and put it on the turkey.

8. Cut the turkey and get all the good stuff.

9. Serve the turkey.

Jamie Lingelbach

How to cook a turkey

Step 1. buy a turkey

Step 2. cut the turkey

Step 3. put salt on the turkey

Step 4. put the turkey in the oven

Step 5. wait

Step 6. wait

Step 7. wait

Step 8. wait

Step 9. wait

Step 10. Eat the turkey

Corbin Baker

How to make a turkey (warning do not try this recipe)

1 grab a turkey

2 grab Doritos

3 grab some candy and KFC

4 grab some bean boozled and fruit

5 grab some pepper and sea salt

6 make a bonfire and a pan

7 wait 3 hours at 250 degrees

8 grab the turkey

9 then eat the turkey

10 enjoy

Hudson Smith

How to make a turkey. WARNING: this recipe is only for the


Step 1: find a turkey.

Step 2: buy soda , juice, avocado, and popcorn.

Step 3: cut turkey's head off and laugh!

Step 4: make a fire and toss the turkey in.

Step 5: make a baste with soda and juice.

Step 6: throw avocados in fire for added taste.

Step 7: Take the bird out.

Step 8: K.O. Mr. Turkey with a punch. (to make sure he's dead.)

Step 9: apply baste and pepper, juice, and sprinkle popcorn.

Step 10: EAT.

Emily Holmes

Step one: Buy a turkey.

Step two: Put it in the sink.

Step Three: Wait three minutes.

Step four: Cook it for 70 minutes.

Step five: Wait. :(

Step Six: When it is done put it in the dish.

Step Seven: Grab a fork and a knife.

Step eight: Wait! If you like salt put it on.

Last Step: Eat it!!!!! And that is how you cook a turkey. Have a happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Gavin Gates

Step one shoot the turkey

Step two gut the turkey

Step three chop the turkey's head off

Step four put the turkey in the oven

Step five put salt and pepper on the turkey

Step six put the turkey on a dish

Adriana Beard

Happy Thanksgiving! It's almost a great time to cook a nice dinner for your family and friends.

So, first we need a turkey, pan, tinfoil and turkey baster. You should be in a kitchen. Be sure to have seasoning and a thermometer.

First, put the turkey in the pan. Then, season it. Then, put the tinfoil over the top. Cook for 2 - 3 minutes. Check it with the thermometer and squirt it with the turkey baster. Continue this for 1 hour. Make sure the turkey is brown, then take out the turkey.

I hope your turkey is good. Happy Thanksgiving.

Makenzie Armstrong

It's time to cook a turkey. I will show you how.

The supplies you need are a kitchen stove, pan, maybe a space, gloves, turkey, hot pad, tinfoil, thermometer and spice.

Now you put the ingredients on. First you put it in a crock pot. Next, you put it in the oven, and before you do that stick a hole and put in the thermometer. Then, you wait for 3 hours till it's ready. Next, you put on gloves and you are done cooking it.

Since you made a turkey have the best Thanksgiving.

Kira Rand

Do you know how to cook a turkey? One way is in the oven.

To get started you will need a big flat oven pan. Tin foil for the turkey, Also, oven mitts, seasonings, a turkey and a thermometer and an oven.

First, put the turkey on a cutting board. Next, put the seasonings on the turkey. Turn on your oven. Then, put on your oven mitts, put the turkey on the big pan. After that, cover the turkey with tinfoil and put it in the oven. Finally, after an hour put your gloves back on and stick the thermometer in the turkey. If it is ready, you are done. When you cut the turkey, you are done.

I hope you enjoy your turkey. Happy Thanksgiving.

Emma Stalcup

Hello. I am going to show you all how to make a turkey. First, you hunt or buy a turkey. Then, you get a pan that has a handle, a big one too. You will need plenty of space, too.

There are many ways to cook a turkey. You can put it in a microwave or oven or grill and more. But, you can also catch a turkey instead of buying one. So stay prepared.

First, cover the bottom of the new pot with stones. Plates are nice, and good place to spread out some newspapers. So, get some oils and spices and stones. Put it under a pot for awhile and let it rest. Put on your apron.

Get foil to cover the turkey, but put on the spices first. Now it's getting close to the end, so I'm going to talk about a few more things for your turkey. Stuffing! Before your turkey is done you need stuffing.

Once your turkey is done, you will have a fantastic turkey. Have a good Thanksgiving. Bye!

Pheobe Baird

You can make a turkey in the wild.

How to get set up. You'll need a turkey, a kitchen, some spices in a pan, turkey baster, thermometer and the vegetables.

Put the turkey in the pan. Next, you cook the turkey after you put the spices and vegetables in and don't forget to put on the gloves for the guts. Then, stuff it and chop off the legs.

The turkey is so good that you are proud.

Makayla Moore

You can use an oven, grill, use a fire or you can cook it like the hunters do. Sometimes I use a grill to cook my turkey for Thanksgiving.

The utensils you need are oil for the grill, a thermometer for the tummy. You need a knife to cut the turkey. You need a big dinner plate. You will need newspaper, and an old table that is outside, to spread it on. You can get seasonings if you like it that way, and of course you need a turkey.

I use a stove most of the time. First, you can buy the turkey. Next, take the bone out and then you put the turkey in the oven for 30 mins. Then, you put the seasoning on it, and then you can put spices on it if you like spices. Then take it out and last, cut it up and eat it with family and friends.

Bye, hope you like the turkey.

Myrandah May

Do you know how to cook a turkey? There's many ways to cook a turkey.

How to get set up! First, you'll need a turkey that you bought or hunted. Then, you'll need some spices you like. You'll need a lid and a pot. Then, you'll need a turkey thermometer, and turkey baster & don't forget the vegetables & gloves.

How to cook the turkey! First, you put the turkey in the pot. Then, you put the spices you want. Then, get the thermometer out and turn the stove on or whatever you are using. Use the thermometer, and then get the turkey baster and suck the juice up and put it on the turkey. Keep doing that step over again about 3 more times. Then, let it sit in the juice for awhile. Let it cool, turn the stove off, or whatever you are using. Then, you eat! At the end you'll have a great dinner when the turkey goes to heaven. Happy Thanksgiving!

Cole Richardson

Hi, it's getting around Thanksgiving time. I will show you how to cook a turkey.

You will need an oven, gloves, a baster, seasoning, a place to get dirty, a pan, a turkey, a thermometer, a knife and yourself.

First, you need to turn on the oven. Now you need to season the turkey. Next, put the turkey on the pan and put it in the oven. After a little while, put the thermometer in it. And, use the baster then after about 2 hours take it out.

Enjoy it with family and friends.

Jayden Lobley

Today we will be cooking a turkey. We will be cooking on a stove.

We will be cooking with a spoon and a pot and a pan and a lid for the pot, and a glove to be careful, and salt and pepper and seasoning to add flavor. And any other spices that you like. Maybe some garlic powder.

So first, take your turkey and cook it for 2 hours and 30 minutes. Then, take all your spices and maybe gravy.

I hope you enjoy your turkey!

Devin Duke

Hi! Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and I'm going to show you how to cook a turkey.

You need a place to work, a newspaper, a turkey baster and a thermometer, and spices. Don't forget the turkey and pan and an oven.

First you need to turn on the oven. Then, you put the turkey on the pan. Wait 2 hours, then put seasoning on. Then, you put the baster in it and wait 10 minutes. (I would have written more, but I got sick and had to go home on rough draft day.)

Layla Kennon

There's so many ways to cook a turkey and I'm going to teach you how to cook a turkey in an oven.

What you will need is a pot, some spices, seasonings, a turkey, gloves and newspapers. Oh yeah, and a baster, and don't forget to set the oven.

First, you have to put newspaper down and get your gloves. Next, grab your pot and your turkey. Then, put your turkey in the pot and make sure it fits just right. Grab your seasonings and put them on there. Last, take off your gloves and put your turkey in the oven. Keep the newspapers down because it might be messy when it is done. And be careful because it might be hot, and because it might be hot I would keep an extra pair of gloves right next to you. When you are cutting it, it's going to be hot and messy so gloves will be handy. If you don't have gloves it's OK, just be careful. There will be lots of turkey for you to eat. There will probably be leftovers for lunches and dinners.

At the end you will have a nice turkey for a feast on Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sophia Christie

Today we are going to cook a turkey.

You will need: 1. A fresh turkey, 2. A pan, 3. A pan sheet, 4. Seasonings of your choice, 5. A thermometer, 6. Knife, 7. You need to be in a kitchen, 8. Plates, 9. Forks, 10. Two pairs of gloves, 11. Lemon juice if you want, 12. A turkey baster, 13. Tinfoyll, 14. Gloves.

How to cook it: You will need to first get the turkey. Second, put it on the pan that has the pan sheet on it. Third, put the tinfoyl on and poke a hole for the thermometer. Don't forget to have gloves on. Then, put the turkey in the oven for a couple of minutes. Then, take it out with your mittens. Put the thermometer in the turkey. Put seasoning or lemon juice or BBQ sauce.

Finally, cut it up and enjoy. This is the end of doing stuff with cooking with Sophia!

Caroline Hardesty

Do you like turkey? Turkey is good, but it's hard to make. I will teach you how step by step.

Let's get started, the ingredients that you need are here! A yam, salt, pepper, 1 oz. of kale for the sides, turkey, a knife and a stove.

First, preheat the oven to 375. Next, put the turkey in the oven. Then after 35 minutes take the turkey out, and the sides. Let it cool down. Now you can eat! Have fun eating!

Jackson Mallett

Hurry up because I DC Jack am going to teach you how to cook a turkey. What you need is a baster and thermometer, seasonings and hot pads, a pan plus stuffing and a grill. (Oops, I ran out of time. My teacher told me to hurry up. Good luck with your turkey!)

Quinton Ahlquist

Hi, today we will be cooking a turkey by Quinton Ahlquist!

You need some seasoning, baster, oh and don't forget the turkey!!

Now take the turkey's guts and bones out. Then, put the turkey on the grill.

How you can enjoy your turkey with your friends and family.

Chef Damian

I am going to teach you how to cook a turkey with Chef Damian.

You need an oven, a pot, a knife, a turkey, a table, a LOT of stuffing. Don't forget the thermometer for your turkey so it doesn't overheat. Oh, don't forget gloves. You don't want to burn your hands.

Cut off the head. Take the gust out. Then,, put the stuffing in the turkey. Turn on the oven and get a big pot. Go get gloves and a thermometer. Let it cook . . .

And eat up !!

Meet me next time, with Chef Dami

Alexander Morris


Hey everybody, why don't we make a turkey, and why don't we make it together!


Get a knife, gravy, pan and oven. These are the supplies to make a turkey.


Put the turkey in the oven. So we wait for the turkey for a few hours. Then, you take the turkey out of the oven. Now we eat the turkey!


If you want to know how to make a turkey then you should ask your parents to make a turkey with you.

Alexis Hibbert

Hi! Turkey are running all over the place because it is time to cook turkey.

You need a pan, vegetables, tin foil, pepper, salt, spices.

Take the turkey and take the insides out, and put the turkey in the oven. But right before, put the gloves and stuff the insides with the vegetables, and put some vegetables on it.

Thanks for listening to my about how to cook the turkey.

Joe Christian

I'm going to teach you how to make a turkey.

How to cook a turkey: 1. You'll need turkey 2. Need a pan 3. Pansheets 4. Thermometer 5. Knife 6. A little bit of lemon juese 8. Plates 9. Some forks.

First, get a old table outside. Now we need a grete, and get a turkey and cook it.

Travis Webster

Thanksgiving is an inch away. So, I am gunna show you how to cook on a fire.

Get some Barbeque sauce, a knife, salt and a table. A cup of milk so your mouth doesn't burn, is good too.

Put it over the fire. And while it is cooking, put on your gloves and then take your turkey out of the fire.

Have fun on Thanksgiving!

Rigoberto Lopez

First you need some newspaper. You need some spices and some salt. And, don't forget the turkey.

We need a stick and a firepit. Now we can cook it.

Thank you for cooking with me.

Jadeth Knight

Today I will be teaching you how to cook a turkey. It is fun so let me and you have fun. So if you like turkey, let's learn how to cook a turkey.

You will need a temperature taker. If you want you can get some seasonings. Get the turkey, crockpot, water, fork, and you will need to be in the kitchen, and then you need some gloves.

First you will need to get the crockpot and heat the crockpot and water. Pour the water in the crockpot. Then, get the turkey, and put on gloves, and put the turkey in the crockpot. Add the seasonings and wait for a little while. Then, get a fork and test it, and wait for a little while and then it should be done. That is how to cook a turkey with me, in a crockpot.

Finally, turkey is good to have around because it is good and healthy. It's a delicious dish on Thanksgiving. I hope you had fun cooking with me. Have a good Thanksgiving.

Kylee Erwin

Hi, I am going to teach you how to cook a turkey.

You will need tin foil and a knife, and a turkey, and a oven and a grill.

How to cook a turkey is put it in the oven for 25 minutes. You have to put it in the brown pot. Then roll the turkey and poke a hole, and put it in the oven.

Have a good Turkey Day!

Oliver Clark

Hi, I will teach you how to cook a turkey.

What you will need to cook a turkey is seasoning and a baster. Don't forget the turkey and the grill and the thermometer.

How to cook a turkey. First, you put the turkey on the grill. Next, put gloves on so you don't burn yourself. Then, cut the head off and cut the legs off. Now cook your turkey.

Please take my advice. I hope you enjoy your turkey.

Mason Henson

Hi, Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and I'm going to show you how to cook a turkey.

What you need to cook a turkey is a turkey and a stove to cook it. If you want to put seasonings on the turkey, you could go get the seasonings and the thermometer to see what degrees it is, so it's not too hot. And, you need to make room for the feast because you don't want to get other ingredients on your food.

You poke a hole in the turkey for the thermometer to check the temperature. Last, you eat the food. Then, you leave or go to rinse off because you can get dirty.

Brayden Patterson

Ever wanted to cook a turkey with wires? Come to me, I will teach you.

To get started, get a place with a fire extinguisher. Then, get these materials: get a pot for the outside. Then, get around one hundred watts of electricity. And, a thermometer, then a baster. Don't forget the turkey and desired pinches of spices.

Now take two or more wires. Get the turkey. Put holes about the size of the wires. Then, do desired parts of things you want. Cook it for a couple of minutes.

Bye everybody. Have a good Thanksgiving

Gwen Hanken

Let's learn to cook a turkey, OK?

OK, you will need a good place that you can get messy, and you will need a pan, seasonings, and gloves to do this. OH, and heat up your grill.

OK, now that you have all that stuff, put on your gloves and get the turkey. Next, look at your grill, and when you are done getting your turkey, put it on the grill.

Now you are done cooking the turkey. You can eat your turkey. I hope your turkey is good.


First you put the turkey in the oven and then you put it in for 200 degrees and when it's ready take it out and put the stuffing inside the turkey and then put the sauce on the turkey. Finally get your family meal ready with cranberries, potatoes, mash potatoes and gravy.


How i think you make a turkey is you get a turkey and then you glaze it. An then you ad salt and pepper and then you put it inside the oven set the oven to 450 fahrenheit.


The first thing to do to make a turkey is to warm up the oven. Then you whip butter in the turkey then put some sauce on it by the oven should be warm enough then you put it in the oven for 1 hour and lastly cut the turkey then you put the stuffing in it then you have a turkey.


First you need to take the wish bone out. Then put it in the oven for 350 degrees for 30-40 mins now stick the thermometer in the turkey then take the thermometer out and set the turkey on a big plate. Now you need to add seasoning and sauce on the turkey. Lastly, you need cut it and share it with your family and friends.

Etta Baird

First you buy a turkey from the store. Then if the turkey has bones take them out. Next you grad a big coke sheta. Then you put the turkey in the oven. Then you put the thermometer in the turkey make sore it is the right temperature. Then you glaze the turkey and you are done.

Dianna Salazar Mendez

First you buy an uncooked turkey from a store food. Then if turkey still has bones you should take them out. Then grab a big fat cookie sheet unless you already have a perfect pan. Then you put the turkey in the oven! Then stick a thermometer in the turkey. After that make sure it's the right temperature. Next you glaze the turkey, If you would like you can add fillings. Lastley you can add more stuff on top of your turkey, Then BAM YOUR DONE!

Alyssa Patterson

First you buy a pig just kidding don't get a pig get a turkey. Second you tern on the oven but befor you put the turkey in you take of the baf and the zip ties the when then oven is heated you put in the turkey know wait…

Ahh nice and tasty know take it out well next put on your glovs then take it out put it on a plat and eet it cool a litttle well wait 20 minits for it to cool a little well. 20 minits later out a littl glaz and done gobbl gobbl. Ahh delisas


First you get a turkey. Then you put sause on the turkey. Next you put it in the oven and you weight for the turkey to be ready. Then you cut the turkey and then you put stuffing and then you are done.


First, you get a turkey. Second is cut its head off, third take fethers off. Next preheat the oven to 5 hours. Next glaze on it. Lastly check on it with the turkey baster, then take it out put stuffing in. Finally done!


First you need to unwrap your turkey. Second you can oyt salt and pepper on the turkey. Third go ahead a put that turkey in the oven.

Fourth set the oven to 250 degrees and cook it for about two hours. Fifth make some mash patatoes for the stuffing, Last but not least stuff the mashed patatoes in the turkey. Have a great thanksgiving ya'll. Oh and don't forget to add the lemon juice.

Ingredients: a turkey, lemon juice, salt/pepper, stuffing, patatoes, an oven.


Let's start easy step 1, put the turkey in the oven. Step 2, put it on 350 or 410. Step 3, put it in for 50 minutes. Step 4, pause the oven. Step 5, glaze it with bbq sauce. Step 6, continue the oven. Step 7, pause again then check the temperature. Step 8, if it's too cold. Then do 20 more minute's. Step 9, pull it out. Step 10, pull of the rope. Step 11, cut the turkey. Also make stuffing, pie and bread.


Go to the store and buy a turkey. Then get some cranberries then put it in the trager if you have one if you have an oven use an oven.


1. Buy a turkey. 2. Put stuffing in the turkey. 3. Put seasoning on it. 4. Then cook the turkey in the oven. 5. Take the turkey out. 6. See how how it is with a thermometer. 7. Eat!!!


First, you need these ingredients a turkey, glaze and stuffing,. Then put the turkey in the oven in 140 degrees for about five hours. Second when it's done you need to take out the bouns. Last you need to glaze it.


First, go to a groshery storer to buy a raw turkey. Second, check the temperathr to see how cold it is and how long it needs to be cooked. Finally, when you cook it add stuffing and some sauce. Then set up the food for you best Thanksgiving.


First, you put all the seasonings on your turkey. Next, you melt chocolate chips and candy core and two gallons of manenans stuff the turkey with it. Then, you put in the oven. Last, you blend marshmellows and whipcream and put it on the turkey.

Lindsay Ludahl

First, you get a tu

Rkey. Second, you have to cut its head off...That's what my parents told me. Third, you put the turkey in the oven. Then, you set the oven to 350 and leave the turkey in the oven for 4 hours. Finally, you eat the turkey. Now you know how to cook a turkey!


First, you need to get a turkey then put the turkey in a big pan and then poot it in the oven for ten to fifteen minutes. Then you put buter on the turkey then you put the turkey in the oven for a minute or to the end.


How to cook a turkey os first you go to a stor to get a turkey Okay next you turn on the oven to like 380 then what for a cupal sekents then poot the turkey in the oven then you get a thermometer see what degrees when it looks gold ish then yake the turkey out to cold then you make some serving and make some mash ptatose an make gravy for the turkey then set the tabel then what for your famy and friend and thats how to cook a turkey what did i for git to said happy thanks giveing.


First, you wash the turkey. Then, I think you would put stuffing in the turkey. Next, you cook the turkey. Last, you put it on a plate and eat the turkey.


First you butter the turkey. Then set the oven to about 375. Now cook it and take out wene golden. Take it out and out stuffing in it. Nect put gravey on it and cut it for friends and family. Happy thanksgiving!


First I put seasoning on the turkey then I put sprinkels on the turkey then I put 2 cans of whipcreme then put 2 mike jugs of m and ms.

Second for the stuffing melt candy corn and all of your chocolate on and in your turkey then dend your marshmellows in your blender with milk. Then pour it on your turkey,

Last put more sprinklels on the turkey then put spirit on it then cook it for 20 mins the you may enjoy.

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