for Feb. 7, 2013

City disenfranchises library patrons

Regarding the story on Page 1 of The Estacada News ("City seeks clarity on bylaws," Jan. 31), I read that as an Eagle Creek resident who pays significant taxes to the library it is not my library, but belongs only to the city of Estacada.

Why am I being disenfranchised in the "control" of library management?

Kudos to Earlean Marsh for stating clearly that this is a dead issue. I do not believe the taxes paid by Clackamas County residents are meant to be turned over to the city and conceivably used however the council dictates.

Thank you, Deanna Turk, for voicing support of those 80 percent of us outside the city limits who "perceive" the library as belonging to all of us who pay for it.

The truth is the money is merely routed through the city. It isn't too late to make this a community library again.

Marlena Coffman

Eagle Creek

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