by: ARCHIVE PHOTO - A 1963 issue of Estacada's Clackamas County News ran this front page photograph with this caption: 'Pictured is our late president, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, who was shot down in Dallas, Texas, last Friday. The nation and the world mourns the passing of this young leader whose grave in Arlington National Cemetery will be marked by an eternal flame. He was honored at his funeral by heads of government and representatives from 50 nations. Only Cuba and Communist China were conspicuous in their absence. Retribution for the accused assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, for he in turn was murdered by Dallas night club operator Jack Ruby, as Oswald was being transferred from one jail to another for greater security.'


The Estacada Junior Chamber of Commerce planned a seat belt installation clinic in anticipation of legislation requiring all cars to have seat belts.


Concerned that Clackamas County sheriff’s deputies assigned to Estacada weren’t actually in Estacada all that often, the Concerned Citizens for Local Law Enforcement attempted to determine the cost and feasibility of reestablishing a city police department.


The paper offered this thought of the week from Peter Ustinov: “In America, through pressure of conformity, there is freedom of choice but nothing to choose from.”


A tagged buffalo calf was found grazing in Eagle Fern Park.


In 2011, citizens circulated a petition in complaint of a property owner who was operating an unlicensed homeless shelter.

The city took action against the property owner, but a debate had been sparked on how the city should handle the homeless population in Estacada.

Newly elected city councilor Ed Smith said he would like to make a “community investment” in establishing some sort of homeless shelter.

“The real power is watching them come in broken and torn apart with no life and watching them grow and become members of society again and eventually moving on to their own places and into home ownership,” Smith said. “The possibilities are endless.”

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