1984: Garbage Co. gives ctiy a "tongue lashing"

by: ARCHIVE PHOTO - This cartoon ran in 1974.


The week’s news briefs paint an interesting snapshot of 1974:

  • Tennessee became the second state after Nebraska to rescind its ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment for women.

  • The IRS sent out a news release to 500 newspapers, radio and television stations with telephone numbers to call for help. Unfortunately, they gave the wrong number.

  • A somber bulletin came in from Travis Air Force Base: “The last known American prisoners of war from North Vietnam have been returned home in 17 flag draped coffins.”

  • Lawyers were examining a technical report on the 18.5 minute gap in one of President Richard Nixon’s Watergate tape recordings. Judge John J. Sirca allowed 10 days of examination before deciding what to do with it.

  • Dr. Virginia Y. Trotter became the first woman to fill the office of Assistant Secretary for Education in the Department of Health, Education and Welfare.

  • The U.S. State Department approved export licenses for three U.S. automakers for their Argentine subsidiaries to sell vehicles in Cuba.


    The Estacada City Council voted on April 19, 1984, to pull its franchise with Walker’s Disposal Service unless the company handed in a profit and loss statement by May 1.

    They had previously said the statement was due Dec. 31, 1983, while the Walkers said that Feb. 28, 1984, was the deadline.

    Judy and Dan Walker and some employees attended the next meeting.

    “We have tried to work with the city regarding the franchise,” Judy Walker said. “But all we seem to get are demands on us through the local paper and no franchise protection.”

    Judy gave the council “a tongue lashing” over the city’s long disinterest in Walker’s Disposal Service complaints.

    American Sanitary Service had sued the city and the Walkers, costing the Walkers more than $5,000 in damages and legal fees. Judy said the city was at fault for awarding the Walkers American Sanitary Service territory during the process of annexation.

    Further, Judy said, American Sanitary Service had intruded for six years into two service areas given to the Walkers in their franchise. The city didn’t charge a franchise fee either.

    An ordinance requiring house numbers lacked enforcement, Judy said, which made it difficult to service and bill residents.

    The city also had not addressed the Walkers’ complaints about the overgrown brush in alleys where their trucks had to drive.

    Also, the potholes were so bad that they were causing frame damage to Walker’s Disposal trucks. One frame repair job earlier in the year had set the company back $1,965.

    Free garbage pick-up for the city was also being abused, she said.

    The council decided to change the due date for the profit and loss statement from Feb. 28 to May 1 and to make a decision on the proposed recycling pick-up franchise by June 7.

    Judy had asked for both steps after her eight-minute long presentation on the city’s wrongs against the company.


    Oregon Democrats were gearing up to anoint Roseburg physician John Kitzhaber as the Democratic Party’s gubernatorial nominee.


    The Estacada/Clackamas River Area Chamber of Commerce executive board dismissed the Chamber director for having a “different opinion in management style.”

    The dismissed director, Terri Miller, countered that she had been offered a chance to resign, then was fired for insubordination after informing the general board that a member of the executive board had never paid her dues.

    Miller said she was offered a four-day severance package, worth $211, “bribing me to shut up.”

    She urged board members to contact the chamber president about board members not paying their dues.

    Miller said she was disappointed in losing her job, but had already secured other employment.

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