1984: School Board debates R-rated movies in classrooms


TriMet reduced the maximum fare in the three-county system from 75 cents to 35 cents. That meant you could ride from Estacada all the way to Forest Grove for only 35 cents.

The newspaper hopefully reported that the price reduction would induce commuters to leave their cars at home, thereby cutting metropolitan air pollution and traffic congestion.

by: ARCHIVE PHOTO - The caption to this 1984 photo reads: Teacher Steve Woods: Were not showing a bunch of dirty movies up at the high school.


Complaints following a showing of the film “Reds” in Estacada High School in spring 1983 prompted the school board to consider proposals for increased parental and principal control over films screened in the classroom.

Half of the board members present wanted to ban showing R-rated movies in the classroom while three members said they were comfortable with screenings of R-rated films as long as the board approved them in advance.

Steve Woods, the teacher who screened “Reds” in class was present at the meeting.

“I hate to throw a blanket elimination of all films,” he said and noted that many R-rated films address issues such as teenage suicide, child abuse and nuclear war.

“They are problems but, doggone it, they aren’t going to go away,” Woods said.

“With the realities we’re living in,” agreed junior high teacher Carl Solomon, “we’re not necessarily doing justice to those students.”

“There’s not a better graphic presentation of family problems and teenage suicide” Soloman said in reference to the film “Ordinary People,” which he showed to students.

Superintendent Gail Perkins said she shared Wood’s concern that the subject matter of some R-rated movies justified being shown in class.

“Is this the only method we have of educating in these areas? I, for one, am concerned about using R-rated movies in the classroom,” said Ernie Jones, a parent.

In other news, Public-Works Director Les Kiggins resigned after 21-years with the city of Estacada.

Kiggins’ resignation would be effective Aug. 1, 1984. He announced that he planned to spend eight of the 10 remaining weeks using up a backlog of vacation time.

City Maintenance crew member Ron Katzberg also resigned. He returned from vacation, worked a few hours and resigned effective immediately on May 7, 1984.

Kiggins and Katzberg said they resigned as a direct result of the council’s directives earlier that year requiring acting City Manager Duane Robinson to demote Kiggins and Ed Larson and to reduce their pay over a year’s time.

The directives also ordered Robinson to assume the duties of public works director and see to it that long-needed street repairs, sign installations and other tasks were carried out.

Robinson said he was “sorry to see him go” in regard to Kiggins’ unexpected departure.

As Katzberg’s title and salary were not affected by the directives, Robinson said everyone was flabbergasted at his decision.

“It affected my personal outlook as far as my future there was affected,” Katzberg said. “If they’re going to do it to men like Les and Ed after all these years, they’re going to do it to me.”

Mayor John Rowley called Kiggins’ resignation “bad for the city and bad for him.”

Rowley had little to say about Katzberg other than his resignation was due to a medical condition, which Robinson confirmed was the official reason for the resignation.

Katzberg said that they knew better.


The newspaper was moving out of its office in the Zobrist building, but staff was not yet sure where it would relocate to.


Editor and publisher Dave Fisher was leaving his post to work for the North Coast Citizen in Manzanita. News Editor Clinton Vining was set to replace him.

Vining had worked for the Estacada News since July 2003.


The Estacada City Council awarded the city’s police coverage contract to the Sandy Police Department.

The council had been debating for several months whether to stay with Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office or to switch to Sandy.

The Sheriff’s Office had been the city’s main law enforcement provider since 1978.

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