What do Rudyard Kipling, Kevin Costner and Ricochet River have in common? Estacada.

Ever wondered about Estacada’s appearances in pop culture? We at the newspaper thought it would be fun to get a list going. Here’s an attempt to get the ball rolling:

by: CONTRIBUTED - Rudyard KiplingRudyard Kipling and the Clackamas River

On Feb. 14, 2013, a 60 feet long basalt face on the Clackamas River near Carver was officially named “Kipling Rock.”

Why? Because in June 1899, then 23-year-old Rudyard Kipling declared, “I have lived!” after spending a blissful day fishing on the Clackamas and landing his first salmon. He wrote a short piece about the experience.

“Get such a stream amid fields of breast-high crops surrounded by hills of pines, throw in where you please quiet water, long-fenced meadows, and a hundred-foot bluff just to keep the scenery from growing too monotonous, and you will get some faint notion of the Clackamas,” Kipling wrote of the area.

Through Kipling’s pen, the 37 minutes it took him to land a 12-pound salmon turns into a joyous epic struggle of the ages.

OK, so “Kipling Rock” honoring the “Jungle Book” author is near Carver. But local author Stevan Allred was inspired by Kipling’s piece about fishing on the Clackamas for the chapter “As Men Will Do Unto the Least Among Us” in his upcoming interwoven short story collection, “A Simplified Map of the Real World,” due out in September.

“A Simplified Map of the Real World” is set in the fictional town of Renata, which is based on Estacada.

by: CONTRIBUTED - Ricochet RiverRicochet River and Another Way the River Has

Robin Cody’s coming of age novel Ricochet River is set in the 1960s in a fictional town that bears a great deal of resemblance to Estacada.

The main characters are high school sports hero Wade; Jesse, an Indian with a mean baseball pitch, and Lorna, who feels the town is too small to offer the kind of opportunities she needs.

Ricochet River was Cody’s first book.

It was named as one of 100 essential Oregon Books by the Oregon Cultural Heritage Commission in 2005.

It was made into a film in 2001 starring Kate Hudson in her movie debut as Lorna.

From glancing at IMDb (a website that describes itself as the world’s most popular and authoritative source for movie, TV and celebrity content) the Estacada area doesn’t seem to be among the filming locations for the movie.

In 2010, Cody’s “Another Way the River Has” was published by Oregon State University Press. The book includes stories about Cody’s experience growing up in Estacada.

Cody is the son of Mary E. “Betty” Cody who was a prolific collector of historical items from the Estacada area. She donated many of the historic photos hanging around town.

by: CONTRIBUTED - Kevin Costner in the 1997 film The Postman.The Postman

IMDb lists Three Lynx as one of the filming locations for the 1997 Kevin Costner film “The Postman.”

Costner directed and starred in the film.

“The Postman” is set in far off 2013, where civilization has nearly done itself in.

Costner happens across the skeleton of a postman in a Jeep and dons the uniform to keep warm. And brings hope to post-apocalyptic survivors.

Judging from the trailer, he gets to ride horses and gaze stoically into sunsets a lot.

by: CONTRIBUTED - Mean CreekMean Creek

In August 2003, equipment and makeup trailers lined downtown Fourth Avenue during the filming of scenes for the Jacob Aaron Estes's film “Mean Creek.”

A bar scene was shot in Trails; the high school basketball team washed cars in the Odd Fellow’s parking lot in the background of a scene; crews were spotted at a park bench at the top of the hill looking over downtown; people gathered in the Just In Video parking lot to watch behind-the-scenes action and several locals got to be extras in the film.

The film follows a group of teens as they plot revenge on a school bully.

The film stars Rory Culkin, Ryan Kelley, Scott Mechlowicz, Trevor Morgan and Josh Peck.

More next week…

Look for more instances of “Estacada in pop culture” next week.

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