DJ Jonny Blaze's River HipHop Fest is scheduled from noon to 7 p.m. Saturday, July 29

CONTRIBUTED PHOTO: HARLAN BROSA. - Harlan Brosa, aka DJ Jonny Blaze, will host a hip hop festival at Promontory Park on Saturday, Aug. 29.

People won't be the only elements floating on boats next weekend at Promontory Park.

DJ Jonny Blaze's River HipHop Fest, scheduled from noon to 7 p.m. Saturday, July 29, will feature musicians and all of their equipment on party barge boats, floating along the Clackamas River.

"I'd like to build something that has not been done before," said Harlan Brosa, a Rhododendron-based DJ, also known by his stage name Jonny Blaze.

Admission to the River HipHop Fest is free, with passes to one of the party barges $5 per person, and $10 per person for a spot on the VIP party barge with the artists.

The event will begin with Brosa playing a set that features a variety of music.

"(I'll play) a little bit of everything," he said. "Country, hip hop, oldies. It will be hip hop heavy with others mixed in."

At 2 p.m., the artists will begin playing live music. The lineup for the day includes Ab$soloot, [E]mpress, Blk+IVY, B.K. Live, S.R.S. and Elevated Mafia.

"I'm excited to show the artists to people," Brosa said. "They're really phenomenal and very talented."

Brosa hopes the event shows "the positive side of hip hop," and the artists will play family-friendly sets.

"It can help people realize that the stuff on the radio doesn't always show what hip hop is," he said. "The radio is often very dumbed down. Hip hop is more than just partying. (It's) about finding the meaning in music. It all has a basis in feeling and story."

Brosa believes the River HipHop Fest highlights the spirit of the genre.

"(The event is) going back to the roots of hip hop, doing different things," he said. "The event is different, like hip hop is."

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