n Officers responded to a domestic disturbance in the 2700 block of Main Street, resulting from rising tensions of a brother in-law and mother in-law living in the residence.

n A disabled man complained that his caretaker left him alone in a wheelchair while he went inside a local establishment and gambled, and was now not answering the phone. Officers contacted the caretaker, who said they were only a friend and not the man’s actual caretaker.

n Officers checked for a man who was reportedly digging in a dumpster and yelling obscenities in the 3400 block of 19th Avenue. They did not locate the man.

n A resident in the 1900 block of 17th Avenue called after hearing a man talking outside their bedroom window on their property. This is a re-occurring problem. Officers found the man and confirmed they had in fact warned him about this in the past. He was arrested for criminal trespass and lodged at the Washington County Jail.


n Officers responded to a domestic disturbance near Harvey Clarke School where a man was reportedly trying to keep a woman inside a car. Officers arrived and learned a father was trying to keep his 16-year-old daughter in the car so he could take her to school and she did not want to go.  

n Officers responded to a woman with a gun who was going to shoot herself.  Washington County mental health services also responded. Officers were able to talk the woman out of her home. She was taken into protective custody and transported to the hospital.

n A man called to report the key hole to his front door lock had been misaligned while he was gone for a short time. Officers were unable to prove that any damage had been inflicted intentionally to the lock. The man said he would check his home surveillance footage to see if anyone tried to enter his home.

n Officers responded to an out of control 7-year-old at a local elementary school who was throwing chairs and trying to harm staff members.

n A woman called police to have them convince her 14-year-old daughter to attend school.

 MAY 1

n A man called to find out the legality of carrying swords and knives for the upcoming Medieval Fair.

n A woman called to request that police check on a young female who came to her apartment who seemed to be having some mental health problems. Officers contacted the girl and recognized her even though she was claiming to be someone else. Officers offered to help her but she said her father told her not to trust police and she left the area.

n Officers responded to check a vehicle crash on Gales Creek Road and Stringtown Road to assist sheriff’s officers who did not a have a car in the area immediately available. Officers found two subjects who were intoxicated at the scene and held them until a sheriff’s deputy arrived.

n A caller reported that a woman was crouched down in a corner near a chain link fence near a Pacific University parking lot and acting strangely.  Officers located the woman who was collecting dirt and talking nonsense.  Officers checked further and found empty methamphetamine baggies in her pocket.  

 May 2nd

n Officers responded to a call from Ammon Way, where a resident was upset at their neighbor because they had their power washer on for more than four hours.

n Officers received a call about a backpack found in the bushes near the 2500 block of Main Street. A girl later called police and asked if they had her backpack. She explained that some friends took her backpack and threw it in the bushes as a prank. Police returned the backpack to her and suggested she consider looking for new friends.

n Officers responded to a crash at Highway 47 and Maple Street. There were no serious injuries.

n A Portland hospital called police after a man checked himself into the hospital because he was feeling like he wanted to kill people including auto insurance agents. The man said he had a gun, but didn’t know where it was. He said he was living somewhere between Forest Grove and Portland. Officers determined the man did not live in Forest Grove and that this was a matter for another jurisdiction. The man was held for treatment.

n Campus Public Safety called police after finding a man passed out on the grass from possible alcohol overdose. Officers evaluated the man who did not need medical attention but was too intoxicated to care for himself. He was transported to a detox facility.

 MAY 3

n A Meals on Wheels employee called police after a client did not answer the door for their food delivery. Officers found the elderly woman to be fine. She was out in the backyard and did not hear the door.

n A citizen called police to the 2700 block of 19th Avenue after seeing a male with a red beard and wearing a red hat do a hand-to-hand exchange with someone in a white pick-up. Officers did not locate the subject or vehicle.

n A resident called police after a man tried to open her door and wiggle her door handle.  Officers found the man, who was actually a Comcast Cable employee hanging flyers.

n Police responded to a call of an intoxicated woman with dementia throwing things.  Officers contacted the woman and convinced her to go to bed. They were called back to the residence later after the woman became more violent. She was taken into protective custody and transported to the hospital.

 MAY 4

n A citizen called to report a dead duck near Bonnie Lane and B Street. An officer found the duck in the bike lane but could not determine with certainty the cause of death.

n A woman called police to report harassment against her boyfriend on his behalf. The woman said another female was sending her boyfriend lewd pictures via phone, and she did not like it. The woman was unable to confirm whether or not her boyfriend was feeling harassed by the picture messages. Officers told her the boyfriend would have to be the one to call if he was upset by this. He has yet to call.

n Officers assisted the Beaverton Police Department in delivering a death notification on 17th Avenue.

n Officers responded to an injury crash at Highway 47 and Fernhill Road.  

n A man reported that while at home he heard his car door close outside. He went to investigate and found a racist note left inside his car. Officers seized the note and are investigating.

 MAY 5

n A Goodwill store employee called after finding several small donated bags that contained a green leafy substance. An officer determined that the bags contained oregano and small sticks.  

n A woman on C Street called to report her purse stolen. She called back to say she found her purse in the street, and nothing was missing or rustled through.

n An area complex manager requested police check on a tenant who had not been heard from in a while. Officers found the tenant deceased.

n A concerned neighbor called police to report she could hear a child crying that her stomach hurt but that the mother did not appear to be concerned or doing anything about it. Officers checked the home and spoke to the mother, who said her 6-year-old daughter cried about her stomach hurting whenever she did not want to go to bed. Officers spoke to the girl who was happy to see them and did not appear to be in any pain or distress.

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