Forest Grove

July 21

n Officers checked a man who was yelling in Joseph Gale Park. Officers are familiar with this man because they frequently receive calls about this man’s yelling. The man said he was upset because his boss failed to pick him up for work. He promised officers he would go an entire week without yelling.  

n A man at an adult foster care home became suicidal and began hitting himself in the head with his hands. He was transported to the hospital. 

July 22

n Police assisted an elderly woman at Sake One who was unsure where she lived. She was transported home to her residence.

n A woman walked out of the Goodwill store and noticed a boy getting out of her car. She confronted the boy, who denied being in her car and took off. Officers caught up to the subject at 22nd Place and Maple Street and he refused to provide his name. The boy was arrested an eventually identified as a runaway from Yamhill County.

n The Washington County Sheriff’s Office and Cornelius police officers responded to a domestic disturbance on Maple Street when all Forest Grove cars were tied up on a call about a possible menacing with a knife.

n A woman overdosed on sleeping pills to avoid going to jail on a warrant. Her wish was granted temporarily; she was transported to the hospital for treatment but then went to jail.

July 23

n A woman called police after the 23-year-old man who rents a room from her became intoxicated and starting falling down, vomiting and yelling at her. He was eventually transported to the hospital for alcohol overdose.

n Officers responded to a car that was left abandoned and on fire at the intersection of Pacific Avenue and Highway 47. They later tracked down the vehicle’s owner at his residence who had slit his wrists before officers arrived. He was transported to the hospital.

July 24 

n A woman traveling on Gales Creek Road was startled when her dog jumped on her lap then out the window. She panicked, hit a power pole and landed in a front yard. She was cited for driving on a suspended license and reckless driving.

n Officers checked Bard Park after a citizen reported seeing “hand to hand deals” in the park between a male and female.  

July 25

n A citizen called after observing a mother yell at her 13-year-old son for losing his cell phone. Officers suggested to the woman she quiet down.

n Officers contacted an intoxicated man at Rogers Park who had a stolen bike in his possession. The man reported that he had purchased the bike from another subject and was willing to return it. The bicycle’s owner decided not to pursue charges and just wanted his bike back.

July 26

n Police responded to a shoplifter at Safeway who fled on foot. Officers tracked him down at an apartment, where he attempted to run out a back door. He was stopped by officers and arrested. He was taken into custody for theft and multiple outstanding warrants.

n A driver was stopped near the intersection of Highway 47 and Maple Street. He was arrested after showing signs of intoxication and later took a breath test showing a blood alcohol content of .20 percent.   

July 27

n A resident called from near the intersection of 16th Avenue and Ash Street after finding a stop sign in their yard. The sign was replaced at 17th Avenue and Ash Street.

n Officers responded to a domestic disturbance on 22nd Avenue between a mother and her 14-year-old daughter. The two were arguing about the affair the mother is currently having with a married man.

n A manager at a local business called police after receiving threats from an employee’s boyfriend. The boyfriend had found flirtatious text messages between his girlfriend and the boss.


July 12

n Officers stopped a woman driving to the Forest Grove Tuality Hospital emergency room. She told officers she needed lithium, and she was shaking and jittery. She was driving between 60 and 80 miles per hour through Cornelius. She failed to yield for an officer on N. Adair Street and ran a red light. The officer issued citations at the hospital.

n Officers made contact with subjects in their vehicles in the Wal-Mart parking lot. Officers told them Cornelius’ policy on overnight camping and loitering.

n In the 800 block of N. 27th Avenue, a man called police because his 17-year-old daughter received a sexually explicit picture on her cell phone. When they texted back, the sender said they sent it to the wrong number.

July 13

n An officer spoke to a caller who said they were clairvoyant and read cards that his epileptic Chihuahua dog could be on a Cornelius ranch. When he went to the ranch the owners told him the dog was not there.

n Police advised a woman about how to deal with an issue involving her ex-boyfriend and a storage unit.

n Officers restored peace at a residence in the 700 block of Fourth Avenue between roommates.

n Officers received a report of a two- or three-year-old girl pushing a stroller on the street with no parents around. Officers searched the area but did not find her.

July 14

n Officers received noise complaints from the 600 block of 25th Court and the 300 block of Dogwood Court.

n Several unknown male suspects smashed a vehicle window in the 1000 block of Jasper Street. They jumped into a vehicle and fled the scene.

n Officers received a report of a car stolen from the Jungle Room parking lot in the 1000 block of Baseline Street. The drunk car owner called back later and told police she forgot she drove a different car that night.

n A wallet with at least $1,000 in cash was stolen from a gas station in the 900 block of Adair Street.

n Employees at the Taco Bell in the 700 block of N. 20th Place called because two teens came through the drive-through and ordered a bunch of food, and then left. Officers found the car with a lone occupant, who initially denied being at Taco Bell. He later admitted he was there. Officers contacted the boy’s parents and told them about the situation. They also let them know marijuana had been in the car.

July 15

n In the 1300 block of Alpine Street, a subject was transported to Tuality hospital after overdosing on prescription pills.

n Police cited a 66-year-old man for drinking beer in a park in the 700 block of Heather Street.

n A motorhome was broken into on 10th Avenue.

n Officers were unable to locate a suspicious person who was reported on Ash Street between 18th and 19th Avenue, and on B Street. Callers reported that he was yelling obscenities, and something about guns and killing.

July 16

n Officers checked on a woman crying in the 400 block of S. Sixth Avenue. She said she has epilepsy but has not taken her medication recently because she is out of it. She had a cut on her arm, which she admitted was self-inflicted. She believed she fell down but was unsure if she had a seizure. She was transported to a local hospital.

n Officers observed a man and woman walking on Dogwood Street near 18th Avenue. The couple appeared to be tugging at each other. When the officer turned on his lights the man put his arm around the woman. Neither one had any injuries and the woman said she was fine and they would go home and work it out.

n A community mailbox in the 600 block of 25th Avenue has been tagged several times in the past month.

n Officers located a man crying behind the library. He was making suicidal statements. He has schizophrenia, PTSD and seizures. He was admitted at Tuality Hospital.

n Officers responded to a shelter in the 34000 block of S.W. Tualatin Valley Highway. A schizophrenic woman who won’t take her medicine and doesn’t believe her brother died this morning at a Hillsboro nursing home.

July 17

n Officers kept an eye on a vehicle parked near the Grande Foods building. The driver and her boyfriend have recently been involved in various theft cases.

n A man called and said his wife almost ran him over in front of his house. The man said she took the car without his permission, but officers let him know that since they are married it is mutual property.

n A caller asked officers to check on her step-dad because she has not been able to reach him since she gave him a ride.

July 18

n A man was arrested and lodged at the Washington County Jail for several warrants and possession of heroin.

n A woman was screaming in her yard at a man with whom she got into an argument because she told the man not to walk his dog in the heat. The man said this woman is known for unstable behavior in the neighborhood. She was also a little drunk.

July 19

n Officers arrested a driver for driving under the influence of alcohol, and likely methamphetamines.

n Officers received reports of a presumably mentally ill woman in the 700 block of Adair Street yelling and carrying a machete.

July 20

n Officers arrested a man in the 200 block of Adair Street for criminal trespass.

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