Recently, a drive-through coffee bar opened in Forest Grove. The owner initially advertised the place as a “bikini barista” bar, meaning that the servers would be wearing bikinis when they served coffee. In fact, at the “Dream Girls” coffee stand, women wear bras or pasties (a covering for the nipple worn by a stripper) and panties. In the help wanted ad, the owner wrote that “dancing” experience was a plus.

When women are dancing in pasties for money, that is called stripping and it is not appropriate in the middle of a residential neighborhood, near a convenience store where kids often go to buy candy and snacks. Recently, I drove by on Pacific Avenue and the barista was sitting in the open window facing Pacific, wearing pasties and not much else. There is no question that it is a small strip club and it has no place in residential Forest Grove. Numerous similar operations were shut down in Washington state because the employees engaged in prostitution and lewd behavior in the stands. In response to “sexpresso” stands coming to their communities, municipalities have passed ordinances identifying the businesses as sex shops and regulating them as such. Some cities have required employees and customers to be 18 years old or older. Other cities have required 8-foot high fences be erected around the stands, with signs restricting children’s access. Some people have suggested that if we don’t like the stand, we don’t need to go there. But now, just driving by on Pacific Avenue my family can see a strip show whether we want to or not. Maybe I should drive blindfolded? Or avoid the main drag in town completely? I think the owner misrepresented this business and chose the wrong location. This “sexpresso” stand is a bad fit for the center of our small, family-friendly town.

Limor Geisler

Forest Grove

Contract Publishing

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