Forest Grove duck joins Loranger family on nightly walks

by: NEWS-TIMES PHOTO: CHASE ALLGOOD - The Lorangers of Forest Grove, including Rocky and his daughter Brittany, have made Butterscotch the duck and Lilly the Pomeranian part of their family and nightly routines.To get ready for her nightly walk, 11-year-old Brittany Loranger puts on her shoes, clips a leash on her family’s Pomeranian, rounds up her dad — and finds Butterscotch the duck.

While the mismatched herd strolls to Joseph Gale Park, gawkers can hear the pitter-patter of Brittany’s shoes, the clicking of little dog feet on the sidewalk and the slap-slap-slap of Butterscotch’s webbed feet on the ground.Loranger and Butterscotch

Brittany and her dad, Rocky Loranger, started taking Butterscotch on walks so Lilly, the family dog, could get used to the idea of sharing her humans and home with poultry.

Now the handsome white duck is part of their daily routine.

While Lilly sticks to the sidewalk, Butterscotch dashes to the grass, but stays close to Rocky and Brittany, shadowing their every move.

When they reach the park, Lilly sniffs around, the humans take a rest and Butterscotch sits on the bench and nibbles on Brittany’s necklaces and other shiny accessories. When they’re ready to go home, Butterscotch gets up and follows.

“I guess he just made Brittany his other duck,” Rocky said. “Now they’re really bonded, and he follows us wherever we go.”

Butterscotch arrived in Forest Grove in an egg this spring. Of the six eggs that made the trip from New York after Rocky purchased them on eBay, Butterscotch is the only one that hatched. Under the warmth of an incubator, the duckling came into the world bright yellow with subtle brown trim.

by: NEWS-TIMES PHOTO: CHASE ALLGOOD - Brittany Loranger, 11, plays with Butterscotch the duck on the grass at Joseph Gale Park in Forest Grove.The sole survivor of the egg group, Butterscotch bonded with Brittany in the absence of another companion.

“I think of him/her as my baby kid,” said Brittany, a sixth grader at Forest Hills Lutheran School, who still isn’t quite sure if Butterscotch is male or female.

Jim and Carol Hilsenkopf, neighbors to the Lorangers, always get a kick out of watching Butterscotch waddle down the street. Rocky said they’re usually stopped at least once a night by curious passersby, and he’s even seen people turn their cars around for another look. When the Lorangers reach the park, Butterscotch likes to play around with his favorite people.

Brittany has her favorite things about Butterscotch: As a duckling, he’d sit on the desk while Brittany typed on the computer and he’d hit the keys with his beak. When he tries to fly, Brittany says, “good girl/boy.” She also likes watching him swim.

Butterscotch lives outside in a pen Rocky built, complete with a ramp that leads up to a trough where he can swim around. And when he’s alone outside, they leave the radio on for companionship.

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