Forest Grove

Oct. 13

¦ Police were called about two tipped over porta potties, one near Hartford Drive and Singletree Street, and the other at 35th Avenue and Doubletree Street. The suspect vehicle is believed to be a white Isuzu pickup.

n A man called to say his iPhone that was stolen from Portland was tracking to an address in Forest Grove. Police contacted the residents, who were cooperative and denied having the phone. When officers learned the man hadn’t filed a report yet, they suggested he contact the Portland Police Department.

n A woman accused of harassment via telephone came to the station to explain her side of the incident. She was arrested and lodged at the jail.

Oct. 14

n A store clerk called police after a very intoxicated woman came into the store trying to buy alcohol. The woman was warned not to re-enter the store. Her husband showed up to take her home.

n Officers received information that a wanted man was riding a bike down Hawthorne Street wearing a wig as a disguise. Police located and arrested him.

n Police were called to check on a subject sitting on a fire hydrant waving at cars on 18th Avenue. They were unable to find him after checking hydrants in the area.

n Police were called to a disturbance between three brothers. One brother assaulted the other with a garden hoe before being choked out. The third brother tried to break up the fight. The first two brothers were both arrested, one for assault and the other for strangulation.

Oct. 15

n A woman called to say that she felt like hurting herself. She was transported to the hospital.

n A woman called police after driving over a piece of plywood in the roadway, damaging her car. She wanted to know what she could do about it.

n Marion County police requested assistance in delivering a death message to the next of kin after a suicide.

n A man was arrested for DUII after passing out in the drive through of McDonald’s.

Oct. 16

n A woman called police and requested that they remove her ex-boyfriend from her residence as she no longer wanted him there, but officers learned he had already been allowed to live there in the past eight months. Officers gave her information about landlord-tenant laws.

n A local hotel called police after someone broke into a room and was now breaking into vehicles in the parking lot. The subject ran from officers as they arrived on scene. Officers gave chase on foot and caught the subject and arrested him after a brief struggle. Two officers received minor injuries in the incident.

n Police responded to a reported burglary in progress in a vacant apartment. It turned out to be the new tenant. 

n Police responded to Main Street after receiving several calls about a man heard yelling from inside his residence. Officers requested assistance from Washington County Mental Health.

Oct. 17

n Police responded to the 2700 block of Main Street after receiving a report of a man trying to break into a vehicle. Officers contacted a man, who locked his keys inside his vehicle while it was running and was trying to get inside the car.

n A woman requested police check on her ex-husband and welfare of her child. She had not heard from them in nearly a month. An officer contacted the ex-husband, who said he and the child were fine. The ex-husband pointed out that the child knows how to use the phone and is allowed to call the mother at any time.

n A woman called police to report that she believed her soon-to-be ex-husband had placed a tracking device on her vehicle to monitor her movements.

n A man on Huntsman Way reported that his vehicle rolled down a hill unoccupied and struck a light and power box. Forest Grove Light and Power were notified.  

Oct. 18

n Hillsboro Police requested assistance from Forest Grove officers in attempting to find a subject who violated a restraining order. The man reportedly was going to “the highest mountain in Forest Grove” to go on a hunger strike until his girlfriend took him back. The man was not located.

n A citizen called police after hearing a child’s “terrible screams” in a nearby residence. Officers found a 3-year-old child being cared for by a grandmother. The grandmother said the child was upset after not getting their way.

n While at the high school homecoming game, an off-duty Hillsboro officer noticed a subject in the crowd who was wanted by Hillsboro Police Department. Forest Grove officers detained the man until on-duty Hillsboro officers arrived to take him into custody.

n A resident on Willamina Avenue returned home in the evening to find her home burglarized. Officers arrived on scene and called for assistance with a K9 track. An officer remembered that while on patrol five minutes before, he noticed two subjects walking in the area who he recognized seeing near a home on 19th Avenue. Officers went the home on 19th Avenue to chat with the two subjects. After a short time, both subject admitted to breaking into the home and stealing food, televisions and tools. Both were lodged by the Washington County Juvenile Department.

OCT. 19

n Someone called police after noticing a lot of blood at the neighbor’s house. It turned out an animal had hurt itself earlier.

n A citizen on 17th Avenue called police after seeing a shadow and hearing tapping at the back window. Officers recognized the address from previous calls of a prowler.  Police entered the yard and saw a man running around the residence. He then knelt down and acted like he was pointing a rifle at officers. The man did not actually have anything in his hands. Officers arrested him and lodged him at the Washington County Jail.  Police believe the man suffers from mental health issues.

n Officers were dispatched to an incomplete 9-1-1 call from a cell phone on Pacific Avenue. The dispatcher could hear what sounded like a woman crying. Officers determined the emergency button on the phone was inadvertently pressed while a couple was having sex on the couch.



n Officers cited a 15-year-old girl who was extremely intoxicated at Greenville City Park for minor in possession.

n Police responded to a verbal argument between a mother and son on N.W. Oak Way.

n A Banks High School staff member reported a Twitter account reported in their name.

n A local resident reported that their social security number was used at a medical clinic in Sandy.

n Police responded to N.W. Scottston Terrace on a verbal disagreement between a husband and wife.

n A woman was arrested on a warrant and lodged at the Washington County Jail.

n Police received a call from N.W. Oak Way from a residence who was calling on behalf of their brother, who was receiving threatening text messages concerning child custody issues.

n Officers took a report of a hit-and-run on N.W. Oak Way. A victim’s car was parked during the Banks BBQ and was sideswiped. The driver of the vehicle was stopped a few blocks away and arrested for DUII.

n Police responded to the intersection of N.W. Oak Way and Main Street, where two vehicles were hit by a driver who didn’t stop. Officers later stopped the driver off Highway 26. The driver admitted to hitting the vehicles.

n Police checked on a woman on N.W. Hammond Place who was potentially suicidal.

n A local resident reported than an unknown suspect opened an AT&T account using their social security number in California.

n An unknown suspect kicked off about 20 sprinkler heads on N.W. Trellis Way.

n A girl runaway was found and returned home.

n A Banks High School student was found to be intoxicated at a football game. He was cited and released to his parents.

n A local resident reported his gun missing after he moved.

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