April 6

n Officers were called to help with an out of control 14-year-old girl.

n A man called police asking for advice on how to pay his child care provider without violating a court order.

n While patrolling the Fernhill Wetlands in the evening hours, an officer came across a body with two gunshot wounds. Detectives investigated. It was later determined to be a suicide.

April 7

n Forest Grove officers assisted the Oregon State Police and Washington County Sheriff’s Department with a double fatal crash north of the city.

n Police checked on two individuals on B Street reportedly performing sexual favors on each other. Officers found the subjects, who denied doing this and were just waiting for their kids to get out of school.

n Officers checked on a subject who was who reportedly writing on a brick wall with a pencil or piece of chalk. It was a pine cone.

April 8

n Police were called to check on a reported suspicious vehicle. They found a security guard asleep inside.

n The fire department requested police respond to assess a situation after a 4-year-old child fell off a balcony. The investigation is continuing.

n Officers looked for a couple carrying an infant near College Way after they were reportedly observed dropping the infant. They were not located.

n Officers checked on an elderly man reportedly staggering down the road. They found the man who had recently suffered a stroke and was getting exercise. He was advised to use the sidewalk for his safety.

n A man called with questions about liability after his dog killed a neighbor’s chicken.

April 9

n A citizen reported that someone called pretending to be her grandson and asked for $3,000.

n Police responded to a fatal auto-pedestrian crash in front of Joseph Gale School. The investigation lasted for several hours.

n Several calls for service in the late afternoon and evening came in but were delayed for response due to the stand-off with an armed subject. This incident pulled available personnel until additional officers could be called in.

April 10

n A caller reported a male near Pacific Avenue and A Street who appeared to be high. Officers found the man and agreed that he was high, so high in fact that he was transported to the hospital.

n A man reported that his estranged wife, who has a restraining order against him, keeps trying to contact him. He is afraid of getting in trouble.

n A man called police after filing his taxes and learning his social security number had already been used to get his refund.

n A man called with questions about teenagers taking tulips from his mother’s garden.

April 11

n A citizen called for information on people blocking sidewalks while doing chalk art.

n A caller expressed concern about an upstairs neighbor inviting “street people” into their apartment. The caller was advised to inform the landlord.

n A caller reported people riding around in a white pick-up truck yelling at people with a megaphone.

n Tri-Met called after a man became agitated after the driver woke him up. The man was allegedly armed with a lead pipe. Police found the man, who was using the lead pipe as a cane as he had a prosthetic leg.

April 12

n A citizen called during the day to complain that the neighbor kids were being too loud after 10 p.m. and causing her to have heart problems. She was advised to call when it is happening.

n A citizen called police to report vandalism after finding “I buy and sell dope” applied to their van in red paint.

n A caller reported that their vehicle was hit by a pop fly hit from a nearby baseball field. They were advised to contact a baseball coach at the field.

n An anonymous caller phoned police to complain about four-wheelers on private property. No ordinance exists prohibiting it. Presumably the same anonymous caller phoned again to complain and this time made up a fictitious ordinance number that supposedly prohibited four-wheelers. The caller was informed that this ordinance number did not exist. 

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