May 12 to May 18

n A father reported his adult son stole 10 of his morphine pills. He didn’t have proof, though. Officers gave him the same advice as in his multiple previous calls: Evict son, apply for restraining order, put a deadbolt on bedroom door or buy a safe.

n A man told police his 16-year-old niece is causing lots of problems for him by having different people over at all times of the day. He believes underage drinking and possible drug-use is occurring. Police told him to call the non-emergency line when it is occurring.

n There was an open door reported at an abandoned house. There were signs of transients living inside.

n A caller reported receiving harassing text messages. The caller said the texts are being filtered through an app that allows the person on the other end to alter the phone number as it appears on recipient’s phone. The app requires you enter an email address to get an alternate phone number. Blocking the number seemed to resolve the issue.

n A resident called about a suspicious person who she felt might be involved in stealing her car tires the night before. She described him as a man in his mid-30s with lots of tattoos, wearing jeans and a black shirt. Officers searched the area but were unable to locate him.

n A woman reported being harassed by an ex-boyfriend from 19 years ago. He found her on Facebook and came to Oregon from Georgia. The ex-boyfriend’s current wife is also calling, claiming he came here with the caller’s consent to have an affair. The caller says that is not true. Officers advised her to call them if the ex-boyfriend shows up at home or work.

n A caller left his cell phone in a shopping cart. An employee found it, set it on a concrete pillar while he gathered shopping carts and then forgot it. An unidentified male grabbed it and walked off.

n Officers responded to a situation between estranged spouses. The man sent the woman a picture message of practicing to hang himself. During an attempt to force entry, the man came to the door. Everything was fine and there was no evidence of self-harm.

n A pedestrian found a man on the ground in the bushes with his legs in the roadway. The caller thought he looked dead. He was able to wake him up. Medics checked him and determined he was not injured. He was given a ride home.

n A female station attendant reported a homeless woman sleeping in the bushes behind a carwash near the storage entrance. Officers found no one there, only a bicycle.

n A caller reported 3-foot-tall grass and blackberry bushes in a neighbor’s backyard. The caller was referred to the code enforcement department.

n An apartment complex tenant observed a hand-to-hand drug deal and captured it on video. The video shows about a 15-second one-hand transaction between a barefoot male and the driver of a red Dodge Caravan.

n A traffic stop led to the arrest of a passenger for possession of methamphetamine.

n A citizen found two dogs running in and out of and stopping traffic in the 900 block of Baseline Street. Both dogs were friendly and jumped in the backseat of the patrol vehicle. They were transported to Bonnie Hays Small Animal Shelter.

n Officers responded to a domestic dispute. A woman was thrown to the ground by a male. She was reportedly telling him to leave her alone.

n Officers received a report of two males smoking “crack pipes” in a car. Officers stopped them for an equipment violation. Officers got a man to consent to field sobriety tests and was unable to complete them. A canine found methamphetamine in the car. Officers arrested the man and lodged him at the Washington County Jail.

n A woman who was distraught over family issues overdosed. She was taken to the hospital.

n A caller reported that his vehicle motion detector indicated his flatbed trailer was moving and it was stolen. Officers arrived a few minutes later to find the trailer parked where it should be with its hitch lock still in place. The caller then wouldn’t answer his phone.

n A woman was found sleeping on the counter inside the post office.

n Officers assisted the Hillsboro Police Department with a suspect who may be related to a recent fight in Hillsboro. Those observing the interactions between the officers and suspect caused a four-car rear-end pileup.

n A woman receiving harassing calls and texts from her boyfriend’s ex-wife and kids. The caller is already blocking the calls, but just really wants it to stop. The suspect admitted her kid was sending the messages from his phone. Officers advised them to both stop.

n Officers located a hit-and-run suspect vehicle. The suspect was identified through the license plate information and was later arrested when he came back to the scene with his parents.

n A caller reported her 17-year-old son as a runaway after he left home yesterday with his girlfriend while upset about being grounded. He has not returned. The caller believes he might be at his girlfriend’s house. Officers located him there and brought him home.

n Officers received a call of a 10-year-old boy wandering around wearing only a pair of shorts. He ended up being the juvenile runaway another officer was taking a report on at the same time.

n Officers contacted a man sitting in a blacked-out car on Clark Street. He said he was waiting for a friend. A woman appeared out of the dark from the rear of a nearby house. She consented to a search and had Vicodin she claimed she just got from her ex-boyfriend, who was in a shed in the back yard. Her ex denied giving her the pills and stated she just showed up to talk even though she had been arrested for assaulting him last month. She was arrested for possession of a controlled substance.

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