This week's calls include: an attack on chickens, stolen snacks and a heroin overdose.

During the week, Forest Grove police officers were engaged in more than 435 activities, both reported and self-initiated.

Friday, Jan. 19

• A man called police to report that some of his tools had been pawned without his consent.

• An apartment complex manager reported a suspicious man acting strangely, possibly under the influence, had come into the office. The man was gone by the time police arrived, and officers were unable to locate anyone matching the description.

Sunday, Jan. 21

• Officers responded to a residence where a man had collapsed. Police provided CPR until the man's heart rate returned to normal and medical services arrived. He was taken to the hospital.

• Police located a loose dog in a neighborhood area that reportedly killed multiple chickens in a residential backyard. All parties were contacted and information exchanged. The dog's owner was advised to keep his dog contained, and a report was forwarded to animal control.

• A caller reported a semi-conscious woman in a vehicle in a hotel parking lot. The woman was taken to the hospital for treatment but later arrested after a consent search of the vehicle yielded empty needles, a violation of her probation.

Monday, Jan. 22

• A man reported that two juveniles were following him along a busy road, filming and giggling at him. Officers located no one matching the description.

• Police contacted a man seen lying on the sidewalk with a can of beer next to him. The very drunk and uncooperative man was taken to a detox facility to sober up.

• A convenience store employee reported the theft of multiple snack items. Officers were unable to locate anyone matching the employee's description in the area; police are investigating.

Tuesday, Jan. 23

• Police received multiple reports of a man was seen forcing a woman to come with him against her will. Officers located the couple and arrested the man.

• A man called police to report experiencing suicidal thoughts. Officers contacted the man and helped him get medical attention.

• A man reported that a package had been stolen off his porch. The opened package was recovered from a nearby vacant house. Officers are investigating.

Wednesday, Jan. 24

• Officers broke up a fight between two men at a local bar. The instigator was arrested and taken to jail.

• A caller reported that a suspicious man attempted to come into their house through an open window. Officers performed an area search with a K-9 unit but were unable to locate anyone in the area.

• A caller reported that she had received a Snapchat message from a friend that another friend was having a seizure and the message-sender did not know what to do. Officers were able to identify the individuals but did not locate them. Medical emergencies should always be immediately reported to 911.

Thursday, Jan. 25

• Officers located a vehicle with a forged temporary permit near a local park after dark. The driver refused to identify himself, but officers discovered he had multiple warrants out for his arrest. He was taken to jail.

• Police responded to a location where a man reportedly overdosed on heroin. Naloxone, CPR and AED attempts were unsuccessful.

• A woman reported she had been punched in the head by an unknown woman while riding the bus. The suspect had gotten off the bus prior to police arrival. Officers are investigating.

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