Collection of memorabilia, letters and photos will be housed at campus library, open for viewing to the public

A historical treasure trove of ephemera from Vic Atiyeh's time as governor of Oregon will be housed in Pacific University's campus library for public viewing.

Atiyeh, a longtime member of the University's board of trustees, is now trustee emeritus. In 1996, Atiyeh received an honorary Doctor of Letters for his service to the university and Oregon.

'I have a great admiration for Pacific University,' Atiyeh said in a press release. 'I really needed to do this because I have gained so much from my experiences here.'

Jim Moore, politics and government instructor at Pacific and director of the University's Tom McCall Center for Policy Innovation, said the collection will be immensely valuable for those studying politics, economics and international issues, among other things.

'He dealt with a number of major issues as governor,' Moore said. 'Oregon's kicker law to return some income taxes to the people, the Rajneeshi years, the great recession of 1982 - those were all significant challenges.'

Atiyeh served an eight-year term as Oregon governor, from 1979 to 1987. He is the last Republican to have been elected to the post.