Voters in Cornelius should oppose the gas tax initiative (Measure 34-201) that the gasoline dealers have brought forward. Voters approved the 2 cents/gallon gasoline tax in 2010 by a 55 percent “yes” margin and it is dedicated for funding street lights and asphalt overlays only on city streets. The City Council promised and did eliminate the street lighting fee for property owners when voters approved the 2 cents/gallon gas tax in 2010.

The gas tax has benefitted Cornelius residents because anyone stopping for gas in town will pay the tax, regardless where they live. The street lighting fee previously had been paid only by Cornelius residents prior to the new tax.

The gasoline dealers are only thinking of their own pocketbooks and not about the benefits of having street lights and improved roads within Cornelius. Please vote “no” on Measure 34-201!

Ralph Brown, Bill Bash, Norbert Chartrey

Former mayors of Cornelius

Contract Publishing

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