Case for compassion

I commend you Mr. Zmudzinski (Guest column, March 13) on being the “doskonaly” (perfect) citizen. However, a little more compassion for the not-so-perfect and a lot less hubris might be more constructive in getting your point across. Calling people idiots is just a tad bit tactless, don’t you think?

Being an American allows you to express your opinions freely and I will defend your right to do so. I do, however, take exception to your comments regarding dependency and entitlements.

Since dependency is a very gray area, are you perhaps confusing it with survival? Would you prefer that the less fortunate do without life’s basic needs like maybe food and shelter? Does your apparent distain of entitlements refer to Social Security and Medicare?

Like you, I paid my taxes and rarely complained even when President Reagan doubled the payroll taxes in the 1980s. Now that I am a senior on a somewhat fixed income, you can be darned sure I feel “entitled” to my Social Security and Medicare. I am willing to wager when you reach this stage in life that you will also expect your share as well but, please feel free to decline it.

As far as who got us into this financial mess, I suggest you seek medical help for your amnesia and do some serious research (preferably with a source other than the fair and impartial Fox News). To narrow your research perimeter perhaps you could concentrate your effort on George W. Bush and his administration.

Lin Vanderzanden

Forest Grove

Bullying un-American

There is nothing un-American about Mr. Zmudzinski (March 13 guest column). Multi-billion dollar media empires are run off of dividing neighbors into arbitrary groups, taunting, insulting and bullying them.

There seems to be an evolutionary reward to create these packs, usually out of fear, so that we can belong to something greater than ourselves.

I identify with “Forest Grove” (at least for the next few hours), so I have the same basic need.

I feel that Forest Grove is a greater community partly because hateful bullying based on stereotypes is usually addressed in grade school.

Gregg Buchanan

Forest Grove

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