Boosters’ support of fair continues

Recently, the Washington County Fair Board took unprecedented action in an attempt to silence the Washington County Fairground Boosters. The board’s inability to control our thoughts and actions has them scrambling toward the absurd. This action should be worrisome to all citizens, whether they know or even care about the fairgrounds as a public asset.

The Fairground Boosters always have and will continue to support the fairgrounds as a public gathering place that is affordable, available and accessible to all. We will continue to do that in a manner that respects our elected and appointed leaders to the degree they respect others.

The truth is, the Fairground Boosters want the facility to expand. We are not stuck on a traditional fair, nor do we want it to be only for agricultural interests. Rather, we see the fairgrounds as more than just the fair, and want it to again become a year-round venue for all. We also are concerned about the lack of oversight in allowing the scheduling of the Oregon International Air Show concurrent with the 150-year-old annual fair. The hardship this creates for kids and animals and people attending both events should be an embarrassment to our county.

The Fair Board’s attempt to silence us, or any group in Washington County, should raise many alarms. The truth remains that the Boosters will continue to advocate for the spirit of the fairgrounds as the treasure it is and for the trust that has been placed in our elected leaders to honor that trust.

By restoring that trust, all individuals and organizations should be welcomed to fully participate in the public process. How can welcoming everyone be a problem?

You will be hearing much more from us. We will not be silenced.

Lyle Spiesschaert

Vice President, Washington County Fairground Boosters

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