On July 25, a new coffee kiosk opened in Forest Grove, and it has sparked protest. It may not seem like a coffee shop would create controversy, but this one — Dream Girl Espresso — is different than the standard coffee booth.

We like to see new businesses opening in our city because it’s a sign of healthy economic growth. But we do not believe Dream Girl — in its current format, at least — is a good fit for the Forest Grove community.

The hook with this particular coffee house is not necessarily the coffee, but the fact that you are served your coffee by young women who are close to naked. We’re not talking about women wearing bikinis here, because bikinis would not be that unusual. But some of the servers have been wearing pasties. Pasties are something you’d expect to see in a strip club, perhaps, in a sleazy section of Portland or Seattle, but not at a drive-through coffee shop on the edge of a quiet neighborhood in Forest Grove. And that’s where this business crosses the line.

Dream Girl is in a highly visible location in the Plaid Pantry parking lot in the 2400 block of 19th Avenue. As a community, we need to decide if this is the type of business we want on display and representing our community.

Yes, there are a number of adult strip clubs and the like around the Portland metropolitan area, but they are restricted to adults. Kids going by on their bicycles do not see what is going on inside. If the Dream Girl coffee shop baristas are wearing only pasties and panties, the business should be open for adults only, with a fence enclosing it.

A number of family-minded individuals in Forest Grove have taken exception to the new business, and are asking the Forest Grove City Council to pull the plug. In fact, a citizens’ group objecting to Dream Girl will present petitions to the Forest Grove City Council on Aug. 12, which should make for an interesting meeting.

Those who object contend the business license was issued on deceptive grounds, because the business characterizes itself as a “bikini barista” even though at times the servers have obviously been wearing much less than bikinis.

Further, a help-wanted ad posted on Craigslist specifies “dancing experience would be a plus” in getting a job serving coffee at Dream Girl. Maybe we’re a bit naive, but what does dancing have to do with serving coffee from a kiosk? For that matter, even the name of the business tells a lot: It’s “Dream Girl,” not “Dream Coffee.” Indeed, all the signs seem to indicate that this business is much more about hot bodies than hot coffee.

A public parking lot open to people of all ages is not an appropriate place for adult entertainment, and it appears that is largely what Dream Girl is selling.

The bottom line is this: The city of Forest Grove should ensure the baristas are at least wearing bikinis and pants that are not transparent, or move the kiosk to an area that can be restricted to adult clientele. If neither of those reasonable conditions are being met, the city needs to strongly consider revoking the coffee kiosk’s business license.

If the Dream Girl baristas are going to continue to wear pasties and see-through undies in public, the city of Forest Grove needs to take action.

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