End complacency over education, Coach's style is unacceptable

End complacency over education

I just saw 'Race to Nowhere,' a documentary in the tradition of Michael Moore about the stress and hopelessness of today's students. Pacific University will host five other films the next several Thursdays that have grown out of the national dissatisfaction with the way today's schools are being run.

I don't know what is happening in other states, but in Oregon, the thin veneer of complacency is cracking: the Oregon School Board Association just fired its three top executives; my own district has seen two board members recalled and the governor has convened a committee to examine education issues.

If you work in schools or have children in schools, please see 'Race to Nowhere!' It's a high-tech effort, with blogs and such.

I feel very encouraged to join my local Citizen Advisory Committee.

Let's go! The 99 percent will be silent no longer!

Mary Whitmore

Forest Grove

Coach's style is unacceptable

What in the world is going on with the leadership of the varsity boys' basketball team at Forest Grove High School? As a parent of a teenager who played basketball throughout grade school and middle school, I was appalled at head coach's treatment of the team.

Don't get me wrong; I don't buy into the 'feel good/no consequence' mentality that is so popular in today's society, but Coach Evers' treatment of the players borders on verbal abuse; constantly yelling and cursing at the boys.

I'm sure that one of the reasons most of the players don't play well is because they are nervous and afraid.

In contrast, the girls' team played very well and I never once saw the head coach yelling at the girls. Instead he gave them high fives and praise for what was done right, neither of which I saw during the boys' game.

Forest Grove High School administration needs to decide what it deems an acceptable coaching style and let the town know what that is. I personally find this style unacceptable.

Michelle Wright


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