Paper should focus on Forest Grove athletes

As the parent of a local athlete, I sure would appreciate seeing more pictures of our Forest Grove High School athletes.

I notice a whole lot of Banks kids on the cover of the sports section with smaller articles of the Forest Grove kids. I do enjoy seeing the other teams, but I would really like to see more of our Forest Grove athletes, as the paper is called Forest Grove News-Times.

Go Vikings!

Brenda Doyle

Forest Grove

Use of 'championship' was misleading

I read with admiration of the recent efforts of Pacific University's women wrestlers in the March 14 News-Times ('Ramos, Lee pick up individual titles as Boxers finish second at nationals').

All the athletes are to be congratulated on their hard work and tenacity through the long season. We need to always keep in mind that sport rarely comes easily to most people, especially the sport of wrestling.

At the same time, the writer of the article and the reporter of the 'facts' should be monumentally ashamed for their attempt to perpetuate the fiction that winning one match in a bracket of three competitors at a tournament with nine weight classes and 38 total participants should in any way justify the use of the term 'national champion' to describe it.

The article is a poorly executed assault on reality and an affront to the sensibilities of thinking people and anyone who cares about the noble institution of Pacific University and the world's oldest and purest sport.

Tim Olmstead


Pacific University' 72

Thanks for celebrating student's project

Thank you for printing Nancy Townsley's concise-yet-affecting article, 'Student's posters give a nod to women.

How refreshing to read a piece of journalism about a young person's actions and its effect on her school.

It's so important to tell stories such as Rubi Vergara-Grindell's.

Young women and men need to read and see stories like hers, which celebrates the hard work and intellectual capacity of this young woman. Sadly, all too often our media celebrates women's bodies over their brains.

This simply written piece reports something important that is seldom featured on the front cover of most major news periodicals/magazines: a young American using her freedom to do good.

May more and more news periodicals print stories that celebrate this type of work.

If our media celebrate a young woman's work, her research and labor in making a poster installation to honor women on International Women's Day, then more young women will aspire to be similarly celebrated.

If our media continue to send the message that we as a culture celebrate and value women for their sexual attractiveness to men, what do you think more young women will aspire to?

Conversely, what are we teaching our young men to value in women if not for articles like Nancy Townsley's?

I agree with Ms. Vergara-Grindell:

'Women are still doing a lot of good stuff.'

Thank you for telling a story of the good stuff that one young woman did in her high school. If I have a daughter one day, I hope she'll have a story like this to read in her local paper.

Michael T. Steen


Contract Publishing

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