Writer says 'details matter ... paying attention matters' when filling out local ballot

Thank you for your excellent and in-depth coverage of our school board race. I read every word and I learned a lot. It was impressive coverage.

I have an alternative possibility concerning the possible collusion between various candidates this year and it may even be one you share. Personally, I'm going to think there was no collusion, that all the candidates are outstanding and well-meaning and people for whom we can be grateful as they stepped up to run. Each brings much to our board, but only three can serve and we voters have to make the call.

ERIC CANONBefore I get into my alternative possibility, I need to say I find the remark of Kate Grandusky that the current members are in the back pocket of Yvonne Curtis insulting, hurtful and not factual. I've met Kate and I liked her immediately, but she's out of line, and the sad part is she colored this entire election in ways it didn't deserve. All the candidates, and I know several of them myself, have integrity and the intelligence sufficient to make good choices and disseminate information and do the work and tell the truth. Kate's remark was unfortunate and out of place. I hope she clarifies and issues an apology.

As for collusion between Mark Everett and Brad Bafaro, I doubt it. I believe them in their denials. Clearly these are two men of high character. It seems clear to me they are supportive of John Hayes and respectful of what John offers and brings to our board.

Look at Bafaro's accomplishments and the people for whom he puts it on the line and I am convinced this is a man I'd like to know and a man I can support in his work. But I will not support him against John Hayes. Why? Because details matter. I believe Mr. Bafaro when he says he simply didn't know he had signed up to run against Hayes. My point is and what matters to me is: that matters! If I am to choose between two candidates running for the school board, both of high character and both of whom care as these two people do — but one misses details like who he's running against — well, I'm going to pick the guy who does not make mistakes like that. Had Bafaro run against another opponent, there would be no suggestion of scandal. Ms. Grandusky's remarks would sound a lot less ominous. John Hayes would have the support he deserves for his previous service. And we might even have the services of both Bafaro and Hayes on our board rather than be faced with choosing between them.

I will be voting for John Hayes even though I have huge respect for Bafaro. Details matter. Paying attention matters.

I also feel the News-Times was right when it said John Hayes represented a step up from the competition. I know John Hayes and I know you don't get past him with falsehood or foolishness. I want someone like John watching my hen house. No one intimidates or pulls the wool over John Hayes' eyes. Having him on our board makes me feel grateful and secure. John Hayes has our backs. So I agree with your endorsement. John Hayes is the right choice.

Eric Canon is a longtime Forest Grove resident and metal sculptor.

He is a longtime advocate for the homeless and affordable housing

in Washington County.

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